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B.A. Mathematics

Fast Facts: Mathematics Major and Minor

  • Prepares students to teach mathematics, pursue graduate study or, with a double major and/or minor, apply mathematics to other math intensive fields such as the sciences, finance, computer science and actuarial science
  • Math students hone their analytical thinking and decision-making skills, while gaining a solid foundation in an area crucial to everyday living
  • A math major or minor combined with St. Scholastica's strong liberal arts coursework means students acquire a well-rounded education
  • Math majors are eligible for the S-STEM Scholarship program and the St. Scholastica Noyce Teacher Scholarship program
  • St. Scholastica was named on the list of Top 200 schools for Native Americans pursuing degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) by Winds of Change magazine

Program Requirements

Major: 42 credits
Minor: 20 credits

Research or Internships

Math majors have secured internships as program analysts, market analysts and programmers in such organizations as Securian Financial, Target Corporation and Harvard University. 


The outlook for St. Scholastica math grads is definitely bright. About 25 percent of St. Scholastica math majors have gone on to teach math in a high school setting; 35 percent have gone on to graduate school and 40 percent have put their mathematics skills to use working in actuarial professions, engineering, academics, government and private industry.

Become a math teacher by pairing this program with the middle/secondary education major. Go to the B.A./B.S. Middle/Secondary Education page

Pair with a language

Boost your brain power and give yourself a competitive edge in our global economy by pairing your major with a language. St. Scholastica offers programs and courses in American Sign Language, French, German, Latin, Ojibwe, Russian and Spanish.

Sample curriculum

Here are some classes you could take as part of this major or minor. Please note that you would not necessarily need all of these courses to fulfill a major or minor. This list doesn't include general education courses. Be sure to create your course plan in consultation with your advisor.

Course Creation Center

Expand and Collapse Coursework

Expand and Collapse MTH 3302 - Contemporary Geometry

Foundations of Euclidean geometry, solid geometry; introductions to non-Euclidean geometry; spherical geometry. Course includes dynamic geometry investigations using appropriate software. Prerequisite: MTH 2401 or instructor's permission.

Expand and Collapse MTH 3321 - Multivariable Calculus

Topics include functions of several variables, gradients, partial derivatives and multiple integrals, vector fields, Green's and Stoke's theorems, and applications. Prerequisite: MTH 2222.

Expand and Collapse MTH 3323 - Differential Equations

Introduction to the theory of differential equations, varied methods to solve linear, nonlinear equations, quantitative analysis of solutions of equations. Prerequisites: MTH 2222.

Expand and Collapse MTH 4332 - Abstract Algebra I

Introduction to groups, ring and field theory; group homomorphism and isomorphism, Cayley's theorem, and quotient groups, Lagrange's theorem; rings, ideals, ring homomorphism and basic properties of fields. Prerequisite: MTH 3322 or instructor's permission.

Expand and Collapse MTH 4421 - Principles of Analysis I

Introduction to real analysis. It includes completeness of the real number system, topology of the real line, sequences, convergence, limits, continuity, differentiability and the Riemann integral, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Prerequisites: MTH 3321,MTH 3322.

Expand and Collapse MTH 4500 - Senior Seminar

This course is required for all Mathematics majors. Under the direction of Mathematics faculty, students pick topics in any area of math, do research/independent reading and write papers for presentation. Prerequisite: instructor's permission.

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  • "Being in the math department was a great experience. The professors were always available if you needed help, and they always encouraged extracurricular math activities, like Math Club and the NCS/MAA team contest. They also have some killer math jokes!"

    – Kayla Skundberg, ’15

  • “Because my math classes dig deep into complex scientific principles, I have a polished understanding and appreciation of the beauty of science, which helps me with my chemistry courses. I am also drawn by how passionate and helpful the professors are — they are amazing!"

    – Paul Takunda Chazovachiii, '16