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The College of St. Scholastica

This page includes information you need to prepare and apply for graduation, commencement details, deadlines, guest information and degree status.

Fall Commencement

St. Scholastica will celebrate our graduating students by providing a hybrid commencement celebration. The celebration is planned for Saturday, Dec. 18. Hybrid means there will be an in-person celebration and a full virtual commencement ceremony.

The schedule of events includes:

  • Brunch
  • Mass
  • Graduation procession and a virtual commencement ceremony

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Sunday, Dec. 5, Brunch RSVP’s are due
  • Saturday, Dec. 11, Mass RSVP’s are due
  • Sunday, Dec. 5, Degree of Gratitude Certificate orders are due
  • Sunday, Nov. 14, MarchingOrder RSVPs are due

Monthly Newsletters

Ceremony Information

In-Person Celebration

If you plan to join us for the Graduation Procession, we also want to share the College’s community safety expectations as we prepare for a safe, in-person event:

  • Face masks are required in all indoor spaces on our Duluth Campus, regardless of vaccination status. All graduating students, their guests and members of the St. Scholastica community are required to wear a well-fitted face mask for the duration of the Graduation Procession.
  • Social distancing mitigation measures are not currently in place, however, we encourage you to respect the distance between yourself and others during the event. This video provides an overview of what you can expect during this non-seated ceremony: GradWalk.

Student participants are expected to follow College policies regarding our COVID-19 vaccination requirements. You can read these key messages on our SaintsRiseUp Safe Return website.

The in-person celebration will be a non-traditional, non-seated ceremony on Saturday, Dec. 18, on the Duluth campus in the Burns Wellness Field House. The graduation procession is not live-streamed.

The schedule of events will include:

  • Brunch
  • Mass
  • Graduation procession

Graduation Procession Details

There will be several stops during the procession. Check in and receive your custom made name card. Meet faculty and staff. Visit the alumni table for a complimentary bag and an alumni pin. Cross the stage and receive your diploma cover. Professional photo stops will be available to take your photo during those memorable moments.


Graduating students will check in for the Graduation Procession per degree in this order:

  • Bachelor of Arts, 12:30 p.m.
  • Bachelor of Science, 12:45 p.m.
  • Master and Certificate, 1 p.m.
  • Doctorate, 1:15 p.m.

There are no limitations to how many guests each graduate can bring. Watch this video to see an example of what to expect.

RSVP’s Required

All graduating students, please RSVP by completing your MarchingOrder profile by Sunday, Nov. 14. We are not requiring RSVPs for guests at this time.


Virtual Celebration

The College uses software called MarchingOrder to implement the virtual ceremony and the Graduation Procession (in-person celebration). The virtual ceremony will provide our graduating students with individual and personalized recognition they deserve. MarchingOrder collects each graduating student’s name for the printed and electronic program, so it is important that each student completes their profile.

RSVPs Required

All graduating students, regardless of whether they plan to attend the in-person and/or the virtual ceremony are required to RSVP. It is important that each student completes their MarchingOrder profile by checking their name spelling, choosing the name they want to be announced as (this is the name that will appear on their name card and personalized slide), key in a personal message, upload a photo and provide a phonetic spelling and/or a recording of their name pronunciation. RSVPs are due by Monday, Nov. 15.

Photography by Grad Images

St. Scholastica has partnered with GRADIMAGES to take photos of you during the Grad Walk and when you cross the stage. Pre-register for your ceremony photos and get 20% off. Visit GRADIMAGES to pre-register today!

Application to Graduate

In order to be awarded a degree or certificate, students must complete an application to graduate. Visit and search on “graduation application” for more information.

Commencement Mass

Graduates, please join us for our Commencement Mass on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021 at 11 a.m., Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel, Duluth Kenwood campus. We welcome all graduating students of any religious or spiritual tradition to join us for this Mass of thanksgiving and celebration of your achievements. Graduates who attend will receive an oil lamp as a gift to symbolize the light you are carrying with you into the world.

RSVP to Attend Mass

All graduating students are asked to RSVP by Saturday, Dec. 11. Questions? Contact Campus Ministry.


Join us for our traditional graduation brunch on Saturday, Dec. 18 at 9 a.m. in Somers Lounge, located in Somers Hall on our Duluth campus. Graduates and children five and under are free, all others are $15 each. Deadline to order online is Sunday, Dec. 5.

Order Brunch

Only online sales will be accepted; no sales at the door the day of the event.


  • Fresh fruit
  • Breakfast pastries/desserts
  • French toast
  • O’Brien Potatoes
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Ham and cheese omelets
  • Sausage links
  • Pit ham
  • Herbed salmon
  • Fried ravioli with marinara sauce
  • Coffee, juices and milk

Degree Status and Diploma Questions

Degrees will be awarded after all final grades are processed and all degree requirements are met. Track your progress to degree completion by logging in to your Degree Works worksheet. Contact your assigned academic advisor with any questions on your degree progress. Undergraduate students pursuing a minor should discuss their progress with their advisor and direct all questions to the academic department chair of that minor. Diplomas will be mailed to the address provided on the application to graduate. All graduates must report address changes to the Office of the Registrar at

Cap and Gowns

Order your Bachelor, Master or Doctorate Set at

We recommend that you place your order today or mark your calendar: The deadline to order is Nov. 23 at 10:59 p.m. CST.

Orders will be sent to your shipping address within 3 weeks after you place your order. The shipping charge is $7.95.

In the event that you miss the deadline, a LIMITED SUPPLY of sizes will be available at the Saints Shop. If the deadline has passed, email with your size (*see below) to see if it is in stock. If not, we will recommend a substitute size if one is available. If we have to place a special order, additional fees will apply.

We will refer anyone who emails us prior to the deadline to order through

*Email us your size:

up to 200 pounds: Regular
201-300 pounds: XL
301 and above: Special Order

up to 250 pounds: Regular
251-350 pounds: XL
351 and above: Special Order

6’1”- 6’8”
up to 300 pounds: Regular
301-350 pounds: XL
351 and above: Special Order



Q: Where is brunch?
A: Brunch is in the Somers Lounge, located in Somers Hall.

Q: Where are the brunch tickets that I ordered?
A: Tickets are not printed. See the will call table upon entry to the Somers Hall.

Q: Are tickets for sale the day of the ceremony?
A: Not at this time.

Cap and Gowns

Cap and gowns are a part of a regalia set. For undergraduate and master graduates, a set includes a gown, cap, stole and tassel. For doctorate graduates, a set includes a gown, cap and stole. Tassels are sold separately.

Did Not Order a Set

Q: What if a student did not order their cap and gown?
A: Cap and gowns may be purchased in the Saints Shop. However, there is a limited supply.

Lost Item

Q: What if a student lost a piece of their regalia set?
A: If a student lost a tassel or a stole, there are extras found at the Saints Shop table located in the BWC field house.

Ceremony Details

There will be an in-person celebration and a full virtual commencement ceremony for the fall graduating class.

Graduation Procession

Q: What time do the doors open?
A: Doors to the BWC open at noon. All graduating students check-in with all of their guests in attendance.

Q: What time is my time slot for the Graduation Procession?
A: BA, 12:30 p.m.; BS, 12:45 p.m.; Master and Certificate, 1 p.m.; Doctorate, 1:15 p.m.

Q: Where does my family sit?
A: The Graduation Procession is a non-seated, non-traditional celebration. There will be seats along the way for those who need to take a seat for a bit.


Q: Is the graduation procession live-streamed?
A: The graduation procession is not live-streamed.

Program (name missing/mistake)

Q: Is a graduate able to attend the ceremony if their name is not in the program?
A: Yes, check-in at the color-coded table, according to degree, in the field house lower level track.

Q: What if there is a mistake in the program?
A: If there is an error in the program, contact the Registrar’s Office at

Q: I thought I was receiving a BS not a BA.
A: Contact the Registrar’s Office at


Q: Will the Graduation Procession be recorded?
A: No, it will not be recorded.

Q: Are there recordings of the virtual ceremony for sale?
A: Recordings are not for sale. The ceremony will be available to watch for one year.

RSVPs and Tickets

Q: How many guest tickets per graduate?
A: There is no need for guest tickets/RSVPs to attend. Simply arrive at your allotted time slot with all of your guests in attendance to begin your Graduation Procession.

Q: What is MarchingOrder?
A: MarchingOrder is software the College uses to make the ceremonies a better experience for the graduates and their guests.

Q: I already applied to graduate, why do I have to do this again?
A: Applying to graduate and RSVPing to attend the ceremony are two separate

Q: Are graduates required to fill out their MarchingOrder profile?
A: Yes. All graduating students are required to RSVP whether they plan to attend the ceremony or not.

Cords, Highest Honors and Other

Honors will be determined one 8-week term prior to the commencement ceremony. If the Registrar determines you qualify for honors, you will receive an email directly from the Registrar’s office. Once the Registrar has determined you have earned Latin honors, you may pick up your complimentary cord at the Graduation Procession.

Q: Will I earn honors?
A: Undergraduates: A student whose cumulative grade point average is 3.90 or above graduates with highest honors (summa cum laude — blue and gold, double cord). A student whose cumulative grade point average is between 3.70 and 3.90 graduates with great honors (magna cum laude — blue, double cord). A student whose cumulative grade point average is between 3.50 and 3.70 graduates with honors (cum laude — gold, double cord). A minimum of 48 St. Scholastica credits are required to graduate with highest honors, with great honors or with honors; all 48 must be graded credits. A Dean’s list of full-time students achieving a 3.75 grade point average is published each semester. Graduates: Latin Honors are not awarded to students in Masters and Doctoral level programs.

Q: Where are my honors cords?
A: If a student is graduating with Latin honors, they receive an email directly from the Registrar’s Office. All Latin honor cords will be available for pick up during the Graduation Procession.

Q: What do students wear if graduating with highest honors?
A: They wear either the undergrad, masters, or doctorate gown, cap/tam, tassel, and stole.

Q: Do Webster Scholar graduates order anything special?
A: No, each Webster Scholar will receive an honors diploma cover and a medallion during the Graduation Procession.

Q: Where do I find veteran’s cords?
A: Veteran’s cords are mailed to the address CSS has on file for the graduate. Additional cords are available for pick up during the Graduation Procession.

Degree of Gratitude Certificates

Q: What is “Degree of Gratitude”?
A: Degree of Gratitude certificates are a way to say, “Thank You” to someone who gave the student support while pursuing their degree.

Q: How many certificates can each graduate request?
A: Three certificates per graduate may be ordered by filling out this form. All three are mailed to the graduating students mailing address on file.

Q: Who do I contact about a mistake on my certificates?
A: Contact the commencement committee at


Academic hoods are not included in the regalia sets. Those who did not attend the ceremony on December 18 will be mailed their academic hood to the address on file. If your address has changed recently, contact with your updated mailing address. Hoods will be mailed the second week of January. They will not be mailed upon special request instead, all non-attendees will be mailed their hood all at once after the ceremony is complete. No exceptions.

Q: Where is my Hood?
A: Complimentary academic hoods will be available during the Graduation Procession.


Q: What if a student is graduating, but is not receiving any newsletters?
A: If a student is graduating and is not receiving any newsletter, here is a checklist to go through:

  • Has the student applied to graduate? If the answer is no, apply immediately.
  • If the student has applied, contact the Registrar’s Office at
  • Refer to the commencement website for monthly updates & past newsletters


Diplomas will arrive at the address contained on the Application to Graduate approximately 6-8 weeks after degree conferral barring any transcript holds are on a student’s record. Students will also receive a certified eDiploma to their email address. Students should contact if a change to the diploma mailing address is needed.

Degree of Gratitude

Has there been someone who has gone beyond the call of duty to support you in the pursuit of your degree? Why not send them a Degree of Gratitude as a way of saying, “thanks”. Order up to three, free printed certificates. The deadline to order is Sunday, Dec. 5.

Flowers for your Graduate on their Big Day

Beautiful bouquets will be for sale online or purchase them the day of the event. If you choose to order them online, you pick them up the day of the event. It is located outside of the entrance of the Graduation Procession (outside entrance of the Burns Wellness Commons).

Online Flower Orders

Order online on or before Sunday, Dec. 5.

International Guests

If you would like to send your guests an announcement or an invitation, you may purchase your own online through the Saints Shop to do so. If your guest needs a letter for a visa to travel into the country, click here to fill out the form: Invitation Letter Request Form. If you have additional questions, contact Office of International Programs,; 218-723-5917.

St. Scholastica Alumni Association

The Alumni Engagement team will be at the ceremony to welcome our newest Saints! Please stop by our table to receive your alumni pin and a reusable bag.