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Undergraduate Business Management

Assistant Professor David Anstett teaches a quantitative methods class

Developing the skills of effective managers

St. Scholastica's business management major helps students develop these characteristics through a program that integrates specialized business management principles within a broad liberal arts education. Core studies include: human resource management, communication, strategic planning, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and ethics. Further, all of these courses are set in a context that recognizes the global environment in which modern managers today operate. Additionally, a Healthcare Administration concentration is offered — course listings can be found in the catalog.

Real-world experience

The major emphasizes the human dimensions of business management and teaches students how to apply theoretical concepts to the solution of real world problems. To this end, students are encouraged to undertake an applied internship with local or regional businesses and service organizations. Students generally do internships during their junior or senior years.

Business management major outcomes

The student completing the business management major will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to utilize accounting, finance, human resources, information technology, and marketing knowledge in order to support managerial decision-making
  2. Demonstrate problem-solving skills, by using critical thinking and quantitative methods, in creating and implementing strategic and operational plans appropriate for a business or nonprofit organization
  3. Apply required skills in developing effective group and team dynamics associated with leading, motivating and inspiring teammates to successfully complete a major project
  4. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills appropriate for a manager
  5. Understand how global issues and diversity will impact future work
  6. Apply ethical behaviors in addressing challenges encountered as managers

Locations and format

The business management degree program is offered in a traditional day format at our main campus Duluth and as a fully online degree program.

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