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The College of St. Scholastica

A Variety of Opportunities

Being an Open Major at The College of St. Scholastica enables you to benefit from the knowledge of our current students, professors, and qualified advisors. At St. Scholastica you’ll find nurses, social workers, managers, journalists, medical technologists, teachers, physical therapists, and others who are happy to tell you what they do and why they like it.

The Advantages of Choosing the Open Major

  • An Open Major provides you the opportunity to explore several possible majors or careers.
  • Pressure to decide on a major or career is reduced so you can more fully enjoy your college experience.
  • An Open Major is especially appropriate for students who want to strengthen a liberal arts emphasis and explore a variety of courses.

The St. Scholastica Advantage

The important strength of St. Scholastica’s Open Major program is our faculty. Experienced professionals in each of our programs offer a realistic and practical view of their fields. They are full-time teachers, here to support and advise students.

Special Features

Open Majors can meet with the academic and career counselors in St. Scholastica’s Career Services Office. Open Majors will also be introduced to a complete career library featuring career descriptions and explanations of working conditions, necessary training and salary ranges.

Open Majors have the opportunities to meet and observe working professionals in action and to ask them about what they do, what they like about their jobs and what kind of training they’ve had.

Several instruments are available to help Open Majors better understand their own personality and goals. Some of these instruments include:

  • Campbell Skills and Interest Inventory – This inventory aids students in the identification of skills and how those skills relate to their interests.
  • Minnesota Careers Information System (MCIS) – This automated system gives students the opportunity to self explore careers within non-traditional careers.

What Courses Do Open Majors Take?

The College encourages students with open majors to enroll in courses from different curriculum areas. By taking various courses, students can explore academic areas to decide which major they feel most comfortable studying in and which is best for them.

Several specially trained academic advisors are available for students with open majors. With proper advisement, students will take the courses that meet the general education requirements and obtain their degree as described in the four-year pledge.

Benedictine Scholarship

All new first-year applicants to St. Scholastica will be awarded either the Benedictine Scholarship or the Access Award, upon admission to the College.

Financial Aid

100% of traditional incoming undergraduates receive some type of scholarships. The average for scholarships, grants and/or loans is $31,841.

Degree Details


Are You Looking for a Face-to-Face (on-campus) Experience?

St. Scholastica’s longstanding commitment to inclusivity and generous financial aid packages make our world-class educational programs accessible to students from any background.

Pair with a Language

Boost your brainpower and give yourself a competitive edge in our global economy by pairing your major with a language. St. Scholastica offers programs and courses in American Sign Language, German, Ojibwe and Spanish.