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The Center for Healthcare Innovation

The Center was established in response to the crisis of cost and quality in American healthcare, and the national movement toward adopting the electronic health record. Leadership in healthcare is part of the College's heritage, and our governance and leaders wish it to be our legacy. The goal of the Center is to help improve healthcare quality and costs by applying the College's expertise nationally in health sciences education and the healthcare industry.

The Center


The mission of the Center is to extend the College's leadership in the positive transformation of the nation's healthcare through education partnerships, public policy and applied research.

Activities already underway include the Academic EHR Subscription Service, Best Practices for Electronic Healthcare Records implementation research, interdisciplinary leadership courses in the health sciences and interdisciplinary initiatives in rural health care.

The Center can provide a wide variety of services related to healthcare. Assessment of federal and private grant proposals in light of RFP criteria, assessment of organizational readiness for change, process consultation, delivery of onsite credit-bearing programs, and raising public and professional awareness of emerging healthcare trends and the need for new and revised public policies are only a few of the services the Center offers.

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