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The College of St. Scholastica


  • Support the teaching of full time and adjunct faculty
  • Promote best practice methods in assessment across our campuses
  • Support faculty in using technology to support innovative teaching and learning
  • Provide opportunities for faculty members to work together collaboratively
  • Provide professional development opportunities for full time and adjunct faculty

Services and Training

Individual Consultations

The CTL offers consultations to support faculty teaching needs. These consultations are designed as formative, non-evaluative support for faculty and are intended to nurture best-practice teaching methods.
Consultations are confidential and are not connected to the promotion and tenure process.

Classroom Observations

The CTL offers classroom observations for individual faculty members. These are collegial, designed to nurture discussion about best-practice teaching methods.

The observations are collaborative and non-evaluative. They provide faculty members with constructive, formative feedback on teaching practice.

In addition to being observed themselves, faculty members can request to observe other colleagues in their teaching.
Observations are confidential and are not connected to the promotion and tenure process.

Department Consultation

The CTL offers customized consultations for departments and programs. These are designed in collaboration with deans and program chairs to meet the needs of individual departments and programs.

Workshops and Events

Throughout the year the CTL supports faculty members in best-practice teaching methods. These opportunities allow colleagues to share ideas and to reflect on their own teaching practices.