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The College of St. Scholastica

The Center for Experiential Learning serves St. Scholastica by providing resources and tools to contribute to the education of the whole person through the integration of high-impact practices (HIPs) into all majors leading to increased retention, engagement and career preparation.

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) defines HIPs by the investment they require and their effect on student populations. According to Kuh (2008) high-impact practices “demand considerable time and effort, facilitate learning outside of the classroom, require meaningful interactions with faculty and students, encourage collaboration with diverse others and provide frequent and substantive feedback.” HIPS impact every student, the most significant being in historically underserved student populations. St. Scholastica is dedicated to using high-impact practices to ensure that all students are deeply engaged with their programs.

The college automatically incorporates HIPs into the curriculum through first-year seminars, writing-intensive courses and capstone projects. However, the Center for Experiential Learning offers students the opportunity to further enrich their education with other high-impact practices, with a specific focus on education abroad and internships.

If you’re a current student of St. Scholastica, visit Career Services and Education Abroad for more information.

A group of St. Scholastica students during a education abroad trip in Louisburgh, Ireland.

Education Abroad

St. Scholastica’s faculty lead study abroad programs in 15 countries ranging in length from two weeks to a full semester. These programs include degree-focused study or service learning. Through affiliate partnerships, students can also participate in semester-long, short-term or summer programs worldwide.

These programs provide meaningful and diverse cultural experiences to help enhance students’ understanding of global citizenship and to prepare them to be thoughtful leaders, committed to transforming the world.

Class Integration/Career Preparation

St. Scholastica students will find a variety of resources and support for exploring and pursuing meaningful major and career paths. The Center’s experienced staff have many tools available to assist with job, internship and grad school searches, as well as guidance to help students navigate these processes.

They are also available to assist with integrating relevant assignments and high-impact practices in class curriculum, as well as providing presentations and collaboration with classes, groups and teams. It’s an excellent resource for faculty and students, ensuring both groups have the resources they need to succeed.

Biology students working on the roof near the St. Scholastica Greenhouse.
St. Scholastica's Zhara Davies working at a desk on a computer at her internship in Duluth, MN.


The College has a variety of internships available to students. Opportunities and requirements range and internships may take place over a semester or summer. Internships may also be local, regional or national in all industries and areas of focus.

The Center for Experiential Learning is eager to increase the number of students that participate in internships. This is in alignment with the College’s strategic goal to support student participation in high-impact practices and, moreover, ensures that St. Scholastica students are well prepared for their future careers.