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B.S. Finance

Fast Facts: Finance Major and Minor

  • Finance majors are prepared to obtain a great variety of positions. Some common career paths of our graduates include:
    • Corporate Finance: Applying financial theory and decision making to manage a corporation’s financial resources through investing, operating and financing decisions
    • Wealth Management: Providing financial planning expertise to help clients grow their wealth through proper portfolio management and investing.
    • Financial Institutions/Banking: Providing a variety of financial services to facilitate saving, investing and credit opportunities for customers.
  • Incorporates liberal arts courses in the humanities, social sciences and foreign language
  • Requires students to develop their written and oral communication skills across curriculum
  • Faculty with extensive training and work experience in finance are committed to teaching
  • Offers focus and depth within the discipline
  • Finance majors are prepared to obtain positions in any of the following three main areas:
    • Financial Management: The study of how managers obtain money, manage working capital and allocate money to long-term investments
    • Financial Markets and Institutions: The study of money markets (short-term debt) and capital markets (long-term debt and equity)
    • Investment: The study of how individuals manage portfolios and provide financial planning

Program Requirements

Major: 68 credits
Minor: 20 credits


Students can choose to complete an internship. The internship will fulfill one of the elective courses if enough hours are worked.


Students with finance degrees work in a myriad of industries and sectors. Finance majors have gone on to careers as actuaries, appraisers, bank examiners, financial analysts, fund managers, financial planners, loan officers, marketing analysts and more.

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Sample curriculum

Here are some classes you could take as part of this major or minor. Please note that you would not necessarily need all of these courses to fulfill a major or minor. This list doesn't include general education courses. Be sure to create your course plan in consultation with your advisor.

Course Creation Center

Expand and Collapse Coursework

Expand and Collapse FIN 4500 - Financial Markets & Institutio

In this course, you will learn the roles played by financial markets and institutions in the efficient allocation of funds from lenders to borrowers. Student will develop critical thinking skills as applied to financial markets and institutions. Topics include the determination of asset prices; the risk and term structure of interest rates; risk management and financial derivatives; financial market, structure, innovation, and regulation; and financial crises.

Expand and Collapse FIN 4600 - Investments

The objective of this course is to learn how to make sound investing decisions. Students study the different types of investments available, the markets they are traded in and the sources of information that are available to investors. We then examine the relationship between risk and return, techniques for valuing securities and the construction and management of portfolios.

Expand and Collapse FIN 4900 - Financial Statement Analysis & Business Valuation

The course explores advanced finance concepts including corporate decision making involving the issuance of debt and equity securities, dividend and stock policies, evaluation of a corporation's governance and ownership structures and analysis of mergers and acquisitions. Students will be required to complete a financial analysis term project of a publicly traded corporation. Prerequisite: FIN 3420.

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  • "I think that finance is a sturdy business major. After all, every corporation needs people to deal with its finances. Because of this, I feel my major is a stable choice."

    – Emily Skinner, ‘14