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Native American Studies

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Fast Facts: Native American Studies Minor

  • This minor enables students to delve into the history of the Native Americans, to explore current events and tribal cultures, and to interact with Native American peers and professionals on a regular basis.
  • Students will learn Native American contributions to our social, political, economic and scientific development and develop a broader view and a deeper appreciation of our national heritage.
  • Faculty involved in this unique program not only teach but also advise students and serve in administrative posts.
  • The program is supported through the Native Studies Center, which has a full time Director, Native Student Recruitment/Success Specialist and Ojibwe Language instructor.
  • Students can also join the Native American Student Alliance (NASA) to get more involved with Native events and outreach.

Program requirements

Minor: 20 credits

Financial aid

Ge-Naadamaagoyen Native American Scholarship, which is a part of the CSS Social Justice Scholarships. The Ge-naadamaagoyan (that which helps you) Scholarship program is designated to provide significant scholarship opportunities to Native American/Alaska Native students who demonstrate participation and commitment to advancing and/or preserving tribal communities’ traditions, which may include culture, language or history, and/or addressing contemporary social, economic or legal issues impacting tribal communities.

The Indian Scholarship Program is offered by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, often in cooperation with state education departments, for individuals of Native American descent who meet eligibility requirements. These grants may cover up to full demonstrated need. Inquiries should be addressed to the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office nearest you, or to the state office having program jurisdiction.

Students may also qualify for the Minnesota Indian Scholarship or other scholarships for Native American students. Students should also consult their respective tribe for possible tribal scholarships.

Career outlook

Graduates of the Native American Studies minor have a diverse selection of career fields from which to choose. These may include:

  • Education: Teaching in nursing programs, Indian studies and at elementary and secondary schools
  • Administration: Directors of health care programs, tribal leaders
  • Health care service providers: Reservation, Indian health service and other healthcare providers
  • Social work: Reservation, school and county social services
  • Communications: Law, politics, journalism, media, public policy, interest group advocacy, archival and library science, museum studies, historic preservation and public history.


The College of St. Scholastica was one of just five Minnesota colleges named on the list of Top 200 Colleges for Native Americans by Winds of Change magazine.

Sample curriculum

Here are some classes you could take as part of this minor. Please note that you would not necessarily need all of these courses to fulfill a minor. This list doesn't include general education courses. Be sure to create your course plan in consultation with your advisor.

Course Creation Center

Expand and Collapse Coursework

Expand and Collapse NAS 2201 - American Indian History I

Political, economic, social and cultural development of the American Indian from precontact through conquest.

Expand and Collapse NAS 2203 - American Indian Literature

Organized chronologically as a survey of 20th and 21st century Native American Literature. Classes focus on the historical, political, and social conditions that produce and shape Native American literature and examines how that literature fits into the canon of American literature.

Expand and Collapse NAS 2204 - American Indian Art and Music

Meaning and development of American Indian art forms. Expressions in symbolic form of Indian philosophy and religion are presented. A study of the traditional and contemporary forms of American Indian music including local and alternative music is included.

Expand and Collapse NAS 3308 - Ojibwe History

History and culture of the Ojibwe people.

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St. Scholastica was named on the list of Top 200 Colleges for Native Americans by Winds of Change magazine.