Student Health Insurance

In the interest of the health and welfare of its students, it is the policy of The College of St. Scholastica to require that both undergraduate and graduate main campus students registered for 9 or more credits and Post Baccalaureate Nursing Students to be covered by medical insurance. Therefore, CSS automatically applies student health insurance to student accounts unless the student completes the insurance waiver indicating that he/she is already covered by another insurance plan.

For those students who are not covered by their own insurance plan, CSS believes that it has found the best possible student health insurance plan available at a rate that is affordable to all students. This plan is underwritten by Combined Insurance Company of America in association with Administrative Concepts, Inc. The annual cost of the insurance is $1982.00 for the Domestic Plan and $1512.00 for the International Plan for the 2014-2015 academic year. Coverage begins on August 2nd and ends on August 1st of the following year.

  • Family coverage is also available to students enrolled in the student insurance plan. You can inquire about family coverage at The Student Insurance Program website.
  • Voluntary athletic coverage is available, and highly recommended, for athletes enrolled in the student health insurance plan. The premium for Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Skiing, Soccer and Softball is $430 per sport. The premium for all other varsity and club sports is $211 per sport. This is annual coverage and is not pro-rated. The premium for the additional sports insurance coverage will appear on the student's account the next business day. Students must be enrolled for this coverage by the time their sport begins or at the latest by August 2nd.
  • International Students are automatically enrolled in the traditional student health plan (Domestic Plan) that is offered to all CSS students. However, International Students can enroll in the student health insurance plan that is offered only to international students (International Plan). This plan costs approximately $866 (slightly more if you are over the age of 24) for a 12 month period of time beginning on August 2nd ,  and ending on August 1st of the following year.

Click here to view the online health insurance plan brochures. (Domestic and International)

Click here to view Insurance FAQs.

To Decline or Enroll in the CSS Student Health Insurance

Students should decline or enroll in the CSS Student Health Insurance by logging into Cor and selecting the OneStop tab. Choose 7b on the checklist. The deadline to decline the CSS Health Insurance is August 20th or upon enrollment in CSS classes. The premium charge for the CSS health insurance will be billed to the student's account. The premium refund for the student health insurance will appear as a credit on the student's account within one business day.

Important: CSS strongly encourages students to read the online student health insurance brochures (see link above). Please note that many HMO plans do not provide adequate coverage outside of the carrier's home area. Therefore, CSS recommends that students who are considering waiving the student health insurance provided by CSS review their current health insurance policy to ensure that it adequately covers them while they pursue their academic interests at The College of St. Scholastica.

Contact USI Affinity Insurance Resources at (800)-655-9901 for general questions about the plan. For additional student account information, contact OneStop Student Services by phone at (218)-723-6570 or 877-287-8716, or by email at

Insurance Facts

CSS's student health insurance is intended to be utilized as any other health insurance plan. However, CSS's health insurance policy is an accident/injury policy and therefore does not cover many routine preventative care charges and is not a dental or optical insurance policy. Students should present their CSS student health insurance card to the health care facility in which they are presenting for services. This includes CSS's Student Health Service office (SHS). In fact, students who have CSS's student health insurance should present to the SHS office first for any medical concerns when possible. When health services are obtained off campus, students with the CSS student health insurance will need to fill out a claim form in order for charges to be processed through the insurance company.

Download the CSS Health Insurance Claim Form here.

Download the CSS Health Insurance Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form here.

Charges from SHS that are not covered by the insurance company will be placed on student accounts. Charges from other health facilities that are not covered by CSS health insurance will be billed out by the individual health facility. Students can stop by the Student Health Service office for assistance in navigating the health insurance claim form and any other billing concerns in regards to CSS health insurance payments.

An Explaination of Student Health Insurance vs. Student Health Fee

International Students who opt for Travel Insurance

International students who opt for Travel Insurance instead of CSS's Student Health Insurance should be aware that Student Health Service is not able to submit claims to these types of insurance companies. Students with Travel Insurance will be responsible for requesting and providing documentation for reimbursement purposes. Please review the "Travel Insurance Billing Policy" below.

Travel Insurance Billing Policy