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M.S. Applied Data Analytics

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FAST FACTS: M.S. Applied Data Analytics

  • Application of data analysis tools like Python, R, Tableau, and Excel
  • Performing data analytics locally and in a cloud environment
  • Emphasizes the ethical use of data and decision making
  • Faculty with advanced degrees and professional work experience
  • Online format, accelerated eight-week terms; finish in under two years*
  • 37 total program credits

Tuition: $575/credit*

* Tuition rates are for the 2020-21 academic year. Additional fees and costs for course materials may apply. Total program cost and completion time varies depending on transfer credits and individual program plans. Tuition rates are subject to change.

What is data analytics?

Data analytics is the science of converting collections of raw data into relevant and actionable insight to support decision making. It includes the methods and technologies to transform and analyze data and present the results in a meaningful way. Data analytics enables organizations to discover new knowledge and wisdom resulting in new efficiencies, and opportunities.

Advantages of a master's degree

A master's degree in Applied Data Analytics provides an in-depth study in analytics with the added advantage of applying the skills and knowledge to your field of interest. Students apply modern technologies and methods to study data from any industry to discover new insights and turn these insights into actionable decisions. The master's curriculum covers a broad range of analytics topics with a focus on the ethical implementation of analytics and decision making.

Strengths of the program

Integrated Curriculum including: While other programs consist of a collection of existing courses, our program was specifically designed for data analytics with integration across courses to build on the knowledge gained from each course.

Applied Assignments and Projects: Rather than only learning theory, our students use modern tools and methods to solve specific problems in their field of interest. This means what you learn in your classes can directly apply to your work.

Just-in-time Learning: Instead of requiring many prerequisites that only partially apply to data analytics, our program integrates the needed mathematical and computing concepts within the data analytics courses. This allows students from varied backgrounds to enroll directly into the program without the need for extensive prerequisite courses.

Ethics Across the Program: Ethical behaviors and decisions are especially important in the field of data science. Ethical considerations addressing data collection, interpretation, and dissemination is critical for organizations to maintain trust while searching for new discoveries. For this reason, ethical considerations are integrated into the entire curriculum.

Industry-Focused Faculty: By largely relying on faculty who work in the profession, our instructors will offer real-world experience in the classroom.

Career outlook

Data analysts and data scientists have opportunities across a variety of industries including healthcare, banking, marketing, research and development, computer and information systems,  management, human resources, or other management roles. The master's in applied data analytics is designed to build on your current professional experience to apply data analytics to your field of interest.

  • Touted as "America’s Hottest Job" by Bloomberg noting a 75% increase in Indeed job postings from January 2015 to January 2018
  • Data Analysts: $65,000 - $110,000
  • Data Scientists: $85,000 - $170,000
  • Analytics Managers: $90,000 - $240,000 (according to

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  • "The Applied Data Analytics Certificate was very rewarding for me both personally and professionally. The course provided valuable insight and tools regarding data analytics and data science that will help me become more effective and efficient in my work. The online courses fit nicely into my life and provided flexibility while working full-time and raising three young children."

    – Sarah E.


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