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The College of St. Scholastica

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) has a long history of providing mentorship, programming and services to first-generation, disabled or income-eligible students that helps foster an inclusive and resilient community. We work with and empower each student as they navigate college and pursue their goal of earning a bachelor’s degree. Student Support Services is a 100% federally funded TRIO program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education ($338,973 annually).

How TRIO SSS Can Help You

Eligibility, Application and Services


You may be eligible if you are a U.S. Citizen with academic need and at least one of the following is true:

  • Neither of your parents or guardians graduated from a four-year college
  • You have documented financial need and meet the income guidelines
  • You have a documented disability

Apply Now

There are 2 steps when applying online. Both steps must be completed before your application will be considered for the program.

Step 1: Personal Information Form

Student: Fill out the Personal Information Form to apply for TRIO SSS.

Step 2: Income Verification Form

Parent/Guardian of Dependent Student or Independent Student: Complete the Income Verification Form.

A parent or guardian will need to complete this step unless you are:

  • 24 years old
  • Married
  • Serving active duty in military
  • Foster care or ward of the state


Email or call 218-723-6594.


SSS offers free services in the following four areas: academic support, career guidance, personal development, and financial literacy. The purpose of our services is to increase the number of SSS eligible students who graduate from college.

TRIO McNair Scholars Program

The TRIO McNair Scholars program inspires and empowers the McNair student community to succeed in research, graduate study and advanced careers. The McNair student community specifically includes first generation students with financial need and underrepresented students of color enrolled at The College of St. Scholastica, Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, Lake Superior College and the University of Minnesota Duluth.

About the Program

The TRIO McNair Scholars Program offers individualized guidance, research funding, graduate school application assistance, and a community of like-minded scholars who are interested in research, graduate school and advanced careers.

McNair Eligibility

Am I eligible to join the TRIO McNair Scholars program?

The TRIO McNair Scholars program provides educational access and success for income-eligible first generation students and underrepresented students of color. Federally-funded by the U.S. Department of Education, McNair participants must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident; and
  • Enrolled in an institution of higher education with the intention of completing a Bachelor’s degree; and
  • Be an income-eligible first-generation student*;
  • Be a member of a group underrepresented in graduate education (African American, Native American, Pacific Islander, Alaska Native, or of Hispanic heritage).

Answer a few questions on this form to quickly determine your eligibility for the TRIO McNair Scholars program. If you have any questions or concerns about eligibility, please contact us at

STEM majors, sophomores and TRIO alumni are especially encouraged to apply! The McNair program serves students from The College of St. Scholastica, Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, Lake Superior College and The University of Minnesota Duluth.

*Income eligibility based on this taxable income chart. First-generation student means neither natural/adoptive parent has completed a Bachelor’s degree.

Grant Information

Grant # ~ P217A220018

This TRIO McNair Scholars Program is federally funded at $305,049 annually through the U.S. Department of Education.