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The College of St. Scholastica

The College of St. Scholastica is continuing its longstanding commitment to affordability by rolling out Saints Match, a $27,000 scholarship per academic year. This scholarship aims to ensure that the College’s average costs of attendance is comparable to the University of Minnesota.

Beginning Fall 2022 semester, St. Scholastica will provide a scholarship to new first-year and new transfer enrolling students to match the average cost of attendance for students accepted for admission at any University of Minnesota school including Duluth, Crookston, Twin Cities, Morris or Rochester.

“Costs represent a barrier for many of our students,” said Lindsay Schall, executive director of enrollment management. “Saints Match is about removing that barrier and demonstrating to students and families that St. Scholastica is an affordable, accessible option.”

Schall described the scholarship as “the best of both worlds.” Students can enjoy all the benefits of a private college education for a cost that is comparable to public Minnesota universities. Benefits of attending St. Scholastica include connections with faculty who are professionals in their fields, undergraduate research, honors program, study abroad and access to experiential and service-learning courses; the very benefits, Schall noted, that prepare St. Scholastica learners for great success after graduation.

To be eligible, first-year and transfer students must be admitted to both St. Scholastica and any of the University of MN campuses. The scholarship is renewable annually as long as the student maintains full-time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress.

“We’re really excited to make this investment in our Saints and to give students and their families another very compelling reason to choose The College of St. Scholastica,” said Schall. “Ultimately, we hope to see students benefiting from this outstanding new initiative.”

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*Storm is the College of St. Scholastica mascot.

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