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The College of St. Scholastica

Public School Price, Private School Perks

St. Scholastica understands that financial support directly impacts student success — increasing the overall value of a college degree. That’s why St. Scholastica has created val-YOU based financial support to help students succeed.

St. Scholastica Matches the University of Minnesota Price

Think St. Scholastica is more expensive than the University of Minnesota? Think again. Introducing Saints Match, a price match scholarship that aims to ensure that the average cost to attend The College of St. Scholastica is comparable to the University of Minnesota. We believe students should choose the school that is the best fit for them.

How it works

Complete your application to St. Scholastica, and share your acceptance letter from the University of MN with your admissions counselor.

St. Scholastica will provide a scholarship to new first-year and new transfer students to match the average cost of attendance for students accepted for admission at the following University of Minnesota campus locations:

  • Duluth
  • Crookston
  • Twin Cities
  • Morris
  • Rochester

The Math

The Saints Match scholarship amount is based on the average annual in-state cost of attendance (COA*) of the University of MN campus system. That average is subtracted from the cost of attendance at St. Scholastica to calculate the base scholarship amount. Here’s the price match math:

  • Our COA — Their Average COA = Base Scholarship
  • Base Scholarship = Saints Match Scholarship
Cost of St. Scholastica vs. University of MN
St. Scholastica Average University of MN
Cost of Attendance
$51,834 $25,168
Saints Match Scholarship $27,000
Your Out of Pocket Cost $24,834 $25,168

For more information, call us at 218-723-6046 or email

*Please note, total COA includes direct costs such as tuition, fees, room and board, plus indirect costs such as books, supplies, transportation and miscellaneous living expenses.

Saints Match is about removing the cost barrier and demonstrating to students and families that St. Scholastica is an affordable, accessible option.

Lindsay Schall, St. Scholastica Admissions

An Investment that Returns

Many families assume the benefits of a private college education are out of reach financially and may miss out on what could be the best fit. We believe you belong here and cost should not get in the way. Students often find larger schools may not offer the personal attention, small class sizes and faculty engagement needed to understand their work more deeply. Private colleges rooted in the liberal arts provide the resources and dedicated support that help students complete their degrees. Students graduate prepared to meet a competitive marketplace with momentum and the tools to succeed.

  • 90% of first-year students participate in hands-on service and community learning or research with faculty
  • 99% of graduates are employed, pursuing continuing education, in the military or volunteering within six months of graduation*
  • 14:1 student/faculty ratio

*Survey data reported 390 of 392 respondents out of 702 graduates. Learn more at

Increasing Value, Removing Barriers

The College of St. Scholastica is committed to providing students an exceptional value for a comprehensive educational experience. Built on academic excellence, personal attention and shaped by our Catholic Benedictine heritage, our world-class programs are accessible to students from any background. St. Scholastica has chosen to take the following steps for our future Saints:

* Must attend the St. Scholastica Main Campus in Duluth, MN.

Extra Support for Success

The Saints Success Scholarship is designed to support first-year and transfer students with significant financial needs. By guaranteeing scholarship support from entry through graduation, Saints Success helps many high financial need students and their families make a St. Scholastica degree possible.

Final financial aid award packages vary based on individual need and circumstances. Please review your financial aid award letter to assist in choosing the right school for your specific situation. To find out more, email

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Saints Match scholarship?

First-Year and Transfer students who live in Minnesota or domestic out-of-state students who have been admitted to the main campus of The College of St. Scholastica and any of the campuses of the University of Minnesota.

Will The College of St. Scholastica match the price of any public institution?

St. Scholastica will only match the average cost of attendance of the University of Minnesota.

How is the cost of attendance calculated?

Cost of attendance (COA) is defined by the U.S. Department of Education to include tuition, fees, room, board, books, transportation and personal expenses, including travel.

Is this scholarship renewable?

The Saints Match scholarship is renewable annually for the same dollar amount as long as the recipient maintains full-time enrollment and Satisfactory Academic Progress (GPA 2.0 or higher and 67% completion ratio).

I received a merit Benedictine scholarship from The College of St. Scholastica. Am I also eligible for the Saints Match scholarship?

The Saints Match scholarship replaces the academic merit scholarship from St. Scholastica. Students who are offered more than one scholarship from St. Scholastica are free to choose whichever one has the highest value.

Does the scholarship amount stay the same each year?

Yes, the amount of the scholarship will be locked for all four years of attendance.

If I qualify for the Saints Match scholarship, am I eligible for any additional aid?

Students are eligible for federal, state, and other sources of external aid based on eligibility requirements, including St. Scholastica’s competitive, stackable scholarships. Students may be eligible for a limited number of other institutional aid awards but no additional St. Scholastica academic merit awards.

What happens if I don’t maintain the minimum GPA?

The Saints Match scholarship requires full time enrollment and Satisfactory Academic Progress (GPA 2.0 or higher and 67% completion ratio). If a student fails to meet this, the scholarship will be canceled.

Can I appeal to live with my parents or off campus?

The Saints Match scholarship requires on campus housing for two years. If a student qualifies for a housing exemption the scholarship will be forfeited, and a college merit scholarship will be awarded instead.

Why is St. Scholastica offering this scholarship?

St. Scholastica understands that a student who is supported financially has increased opportunities to retain and graduate—it matters! The Saints Match scholarship is one example of St. Scholastica’s desire to make higher education accessible to more students who are prepared to enter college and earn a degree.

I have questions—who do I talk to?

If you have questions or would like to find out more, call us at 218-723-6046 or email us at

Yes, I want to do this! What now?

Submit a copy of acceptance to your Admissions Counselor to any of the University of Minnesota schools, including the following locations: Duluth, Crookston, Twin Cities, Morris or Rochester.

If you’ve been offered a merit based scholarship from St. Scholastica that is already greater than the scholarship amounts listed above—congratulations!! No further action is required, as we’ve already accomplished our goal of making sure we’re offering enough aid to cover the difference in cost between St. Scholastica and the University of MN.