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Build lasting relationships

    Empowering leaders in social justice

    Before the school year starts, there's a special gathering for students who want to make a positive difference at St. Scholastica and in the world.

    The Multicultural Leadership Orientation is a student leader-driven event that brings out the best in its participants and others on campus, creating positive changes around social justice and inclusion.

    With the support of a grant from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation (link), MLO started in fall 2010. In 2012 it won the DSACF's Touchstone award in the area of inclusivity. In only three years, participation more than quadrupled and the program expanded to a full five days. Participants strengthen leadership skills, while moving into roles of positive influence on campus and in the community.


    MLO is coordinated by an active student leader. After attending as a participant, then becoming a mentor, this student uses her or his organizational and communication skills to oversee all aspects of the event, starting with recruiting new students and ending with follow-up events throughout the year. He or she learns the ins and outs of event planning and people management - always a plus for resumes and experience.


    In-coming first-year students who complete the MLO report having an easier transition into college life. They gain a strong sense of belonging in a community by participating in mentor-led workshops and outings that help provide lasting relationships with fellow students. Many past participants have moved on to become campus leaders while maintaining strong friendships fostered during MLO. The strong support systems contribute to increases in the rate of St. Scholastica students who successfully earn a degree.

    And fun

    MLO is a mix of serious activities and topics and even more serious fun. Mentors are enthusiastic, creative and ready for a great time. Participants get to know Duluth from top to bottom, visiting Spirit Mountain and riding the Timber Twister, and also heading down to the spectacular beaches of Minnesota Point along Lake Superior's shore.

    The MLO is open to all incoming students who are passionate about social justice and who wish to create positive change on campus. For more information contact Chris Davila in the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.