Deaf Language and Culture

Deaf Language and Culture Minor

The Deaf Language and Culture minor prepares students in the multidisciplinary study of American Sign Language, Deaf people, their language and their culture. The minor is open to anyone enrolled in all bachelor's degree programs. The minor courses address a variety of topics in the study of Deaf Language and Culture including the study of ASL and its structure, ASL literature, literature in English pertaining to the Deaf experience, the history of Deaf people in America and around the globe, art and cinema, the experience from racial, ethnic, age, and other minority groups, oppression in the lives Deaf people, political, legal, and educational issues affecting members of the Deaf community. The minor complements majors in fields such as education, business, science, health science, policy studies, communication, psychology, and various scientific and technical fields.

20 credits beyond ASL 1111 and 1112 that must include ASL 2201, ASL 2202, GCL/ASL 2305, ASL 3305, and GCL/ASL 4555.

Total: 20 credits required