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Professional development and continuing education

St. Scholastica provides career development options in a variety of formats on in-demand topics. MOOCs and webinars on business, healthcare and more.

Love of learning is one of the five Benedictine values the College considers an integral part of the student experience. This value guides us to create scholarly, artistic and scientific works that enrich and enlarge human life. As part of this value, we offer professional development and continuing education for anyone who shares our desire to learn and deepen their knowledge across a broad range of topics.

The College offers two online formats for professional development and continuing education.


The future of higher education is online. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are classes that are offered online, free of charge. Students progress through the course material at their own pace, moving as quickly or slowly as necessary. Subject mastery is tested through online assessments. MOOCs allow our talented educators to reach a wider audience giving students the option to learn from anywhere.

Benefits of MOOCs

  • Free and open to anyone
  • Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
  • Many disciplines and titles to choose from

St. Scholastica has offered MOOCs covering project management, healthcare, health humanities, business ethics and more.

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St. Scholastica offers free and paid webinars that turn an online presentation into a real-time conversation from anywhere in the world. Enhance your career or further your education by engaging with others in discussions and training. Webinars can be used as Continuing Education Credits or Units (CECs/CEUs).

Free webinars

Offered on a variety of topics from business to healthcare. These short informative presentations can help strengthen your knowledge and provide you with tools to use immediately in your work.

Advanced paid webinars

An opportunity to dive deeper into a specific topic. These webinars can include more hands-on experiences and analysis. Learn from our esteemed faculty and add additional skills to your resume immediately.

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Certifications and courses

Certifications and courses offered by St. Scholastica will help you build skills to enhance or advance your career. Select from a variety of topics in healthcare, business, education and nursing offered throughout the year to move your career forward.

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