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The College of St. Scholastica

Credit Courses

If you would like to take a credit course at St. Scholastica, whether to earn graduate-level prerequisites, transfer credits to your home university or simply explore a new field, you may apply online. Review the admission checklist below for more details.

Two Types of Non-Degree Seeking Students

Prerequisite Seeking

Someone who needs to take courses to become eligible to begin a predefined curriculum/program. This student should only be taking the required coursework in preparation for the program, not courses that are a part of the curriculum/program for which they are attempting to qualify.

Non-Degree Seeking

Someone taking courses for personal fulfillment or seeking to increase their GPA (or credit totals) in hopes of gaining access to a program. A student in this situation may pursue any coursework they choose and it is up to St. Scholastica to decide if this coursework may be applied toward a degree. Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

Admission Checklist for Credit Courses


Please order the following official transcripts:

  • College transcripts from all colleges that you have attended, including military, trade, technical, unaccredited or differently accredited schools
  • College transcripts from all colleges from which you have received financial aid
  • High School transcripts, if you have no college credit
  • International transcripts: Please see the International Admissions page for additional requirements
  • Closed school transcripts: Check the OHE website to see who to contact for an official transcript

All transcripts are required for admission and to determine the number of credits you may transfer to St. Scholastica. Transcripts must be received on or before the application deadline. Order early in the application process!

Email official transcripts to Electronic transcripts must be from a certified electronic official transcript provider such as ParchmentDocufideScrip SafeNational Clearinghouse or other certified, online transcript services.

Mailed transcripts must be in the original sealed envelope from the school. Mail to:

The College of St. Scholastica
Transcript Processing
1200 Kenwood Avenue
Duluth, MN 55811

Non-Credit Classes

St. Scholastica offers non-credit classes that are outside of our regular degree programs and admission process. Explore your area of interest below to discover more about these learning opportunities.