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Facilities Services

Facilities Services is located in Tower Hall, room 2615. Office hours are Mon - Fri, 7:30 am- 4:00 pm. We can be reached by calling (218) 723-6106.

Facilities Services is a comprehensive customer service organization dedicated to serving the St. Scholastica campus community. Our customer base includes the College faculty, staff and students, the St. Scholastica Monastery and the Benedictine Living Community of Duluth.  Facilities Services is a make up of many different support services combined into a single organization for the benefit of one stop shopping, shared resources, improved coordination, reduced overhead and ultimately campus wide customer service.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Facilities Services department is to preserve, maintain and improve the campus infrastructure while also providing various services to the campus constituency in support of their respective missions in the most cost effective manner and without sacrifice to quality.

Multiple Services

Many services have been integrated into the Facilities organization over the years due in part to the utilization of those services by, and importance of those functions to the operations of the department. As these services began to consolidate under Facilities Services, it became apparent that this was the one stop shop for providing a variety of services under a single umbrella. The benefits gained from such a consolidation can be found in reduced duplication of efforts and management (i.e. flatter org chart), improved sharing of resources, information, and communications, flexibility in operating as our environment changes and the ability to have broad expertise on a single team for problem solving. This creates a comprehensive customer service organization designed to service a wide variety of constituents and their needs in a number of ways. Within the Facilities Services organization the following functions are integrated:

• Building Maintenance and Repair
• Building Renovations and Construction Support Services
• Cleaning and Janitorial Services
• Copy Center Services
• Event Setup and Support Services
• Faculty Staff Supply
• Grounds Maintenance
• Mailroom and Receiving Operations
• Network Cabling
• Purchasing
• Requested Maintenance
• Safety and Health
• Security
• Shared Use Distribution, Budgeting and Operations
• Telecommunications
• Utility Operations
• Vehicle Fleet Management and Maintenance

Department Priorities

The first priority for Facilities Services is and always will be to assure business operational continuity for both the short and long term benefit of the campus community. This emphasizes the campus infrastructure, for it is that infrastructure that keeps each of the business units operating in order to meet the needs of their customers. Short term operational issues are dealt with via the annual operations budget and daily efforts that are a part of everyday needs such as minor fix and repair maintenance, cleaning, office moves etc. On a long term basis, Facilities identifies needs that arise that may not have an immediate impact but left un-addressed, may have a significant impact sometime in the future. These items are placed on a deferred maintenance list and prioritized and implemented as funding allows via the Plant Fund Reserve.

Campus Improvements

Improvements for the campus environment come from both continued operational improvements in how we approach our daily work, and long term improvements we complete as part of major building repairs, renovations and enhancements to our grounds. As a second phase to our deferred maintenance list, Facilities maintains an improvements list, which acts as a sort of wish list of significant improvements that could be done to enhance the campus or a specific building. These items are typically secondary to deferred maintenance but do carry priority when they can have significant impact to the campus overall, or are needed to meet programmatic needs.

Department Structure


Made up of 5 Maintenance Engineers, 3 Carpenters and 2 Painters and headed by the Maintenance Manager. This group is key in handling all of our daily fix and repair, and periodic preventative maintenance of our buildings and equipment within the College and Monastery. In addition to fix and repair, they also provide requested maintenance services to the campus that can be as simple as hanging a picture to as complex as complete renovation efforts of an office area.

  • Maintenance Manager: Responsible for daily supervision of the maintenance staff and reporting to the Director of Facilities Services. This individual also manages all contract maintenance services, is responsible for ensuring proper maintenance of all facilities equipment, prioritizes staff efforts in meeting the needs of our customers, assists in trouble shooting systems and works with various governmental agencies to ensure compliance with codes and regulations. This person provides management on construction contracts with the Director, is the backup to the Building and Grounds Manager, is a key member of the Physical Plant Disaster Recovery Team and is a rotation for weekend manager on call duty.
  • Maintenance Engineers: All of these personnel are required to be licensed boiler operators at a First Class B level. Individual responsibilities for three of these individuals include Chief Engineer who is legally responsible for boiler operations, a Master Electrician who provides the licensure to enable us to do electrical work in-house and a controls technician who specializes in control programming and sequencing of our HVAC equipment to optimize energy efficiency. Two additional Maintenance Engineer positions provide the basic coverage of all other fix and repair as it relates to building HVAC, utility systems, and miscellaneous plumbing repairs.
  • Carpenters: A multi skilled group that provides a variety of services from hanging pictures, installing book shelves, locksmith services and furniture repairs, to complex projects including wall construction, tile setting, and cabinet building. They also provide support for snow removal on an as needed basis.
  • Painters: Provide the bulk of painting on campus as needed along with wall repairs. In addition, they will refinish furniture, tape and bed new wall construction and even become snow removal personnel when needed. They are supplemented with contracted painting services during high demand periods of the year. In general their support is only to the College and Monastery but on occasion they will provide support to the Benedictine Living Community of Duluth.

Buildings and Grounds:

Being one of our larger teams and certainly the ones whose work receives the most attention from our customers, this group provides all of the cleaning services for the College and Monastery as well as grounds care, snow removal, fleet management and event setups. Within this group we have 2 Vehicle and Grounds Keepers, 10 Janitors, and 10.8 Housekeepers operating 24/7 and managed by a Building and Grounds Manager and Third Shift Night Manager.

  • Buildings and Grounds Manager: Provides overall management of the buildings and grounds with direct supervision of the Night Manager and all daytime and afternoon shift personnel in the department. Develops and sets routines for each position and is responsible for all coordination efforts between shifts to ensure we maximize our coverage and efforts. Coordinates event setups, on call lists, and schedules overtime as needed. Also manages external contract services for snow removal and lawn mowing for the entire campus, and sets up maintenance schedules for vehicles. Is in the rotation for weekend manager on call duty and reports to the Director of Facilities Services.
  • Night Manager: This person provides supervision and coordination of efforts for our third shift operations. It is the Facilities Services management team's first contact and response during these hours if emergencies occur and require support. Is responsible for setting up snow removal efforts and coverage for evening and overnight snow events. Is also in the rotation for weekend manager on call duty.
  • Janitors: Operating on all three shifts our Janitors are the primary caretakers for our hard surface floors such as the terrazzo corridors. They operate buffers and scrubbers; provide all the mopping of stairwells, and stripping and waxing of floors for the College and Monastery. They also provide all setups for events on campus, are responsible for office moves, light bulb changing, trash pickup and removal and all deliveries from the receiving dock. In addition, they are the primary support for snow shoveling to our grounds crew.
  • Housekeepers: Another critical component of Facilities, this group provides daily care of the rest rooms, classrooms, and building carpet care, along with requested office cleaning and dusting throughout the College.
  • Vehicle/Grounds: This team is responsible for daily grounds keeping, which includes lawn care, trash pickup, tree and hedge care, fertilization and trail maintenance. In the winter they are our primary snow removal team and year round they are responsible for the care and maintenance of our College vehicle fleet. They also assist janitors in material moves between buildings and outside event setups.

Safety and Security:

This department is responsible for overall campus security, as well as employee safety and training in areas required by various governmental agencies. Made up of a single manager and 5 contracted security officers this team is very visible across the campus and provides support to the College, Monastery and the Benedictine Living Community of Duluth.

  • Safety and Security Manager: Manages our contracted security officers and is the primary interface between the campus entities and our security force. As head of security it is this persons responsibility to ensure that the post orders for security personnel meet the needs of all constituencies and that appropriate training has been done for executing the post orders. In addition to security responsibilities this position also develops, oversees and trains employees on policies related to safety and health in areas such as right to know, protective equipment, and disaster recovery. Reports to the Director of Facilities Services and is in the rotation for weekend duty manager.
  • Security Officers: These personnel are contracted through a local security service and provide us with our first response to all emergencies as well as their daily routine of campus inspections, parking lot monitoring and lock/unlock routines for access control of buildings.


Our telecommunications department is basically a small telephone company with an excess of 2,000 customers. We have our own internal telephone switch, install the wiring, assign phone numbers, manage a voice mail system and conduct the billings for both local and long distance service on the entire campus. This is done primarily with one employee known as our Telecommunications Manager with backup support through a local contractor.

  • Telecommunications Manager: Manages and oversees all operations as they relate to the telephone switch, programming, along with ensuring billings are done in a timely fashion. This person manages the service contracts associated with maintaining the switch and our local and long distance contracts. Installs and relocates telephones as needed by our customers. Manages contract service to provide back up personnel for high demand periods. Also is responsible for overseeing all hand radio systems utilized by Security and Facilities Services personnel including two repeater systems. Provides and installs wiring for the IT computer network system and cable TV on campus and serves on the rotation for weekend duty manager and reports to the Director of Facilities Services.


Responsible for all material purchasing, reviews and revises service contracts, obtains proposal requests and manages the bid process for material supplies, contract services, etc. Also is responsible for all furniture standards and coordination of furniture reuse. Provides management for Copy Center services.

  • Purchasing Manager: Supervises the Buyer, is responsible for the management of our Copy Center contract, and sets up and conducts the bid process for strategic suppliers and service contracts. Establishes the furniture standards, develops the purchasing policies, responsible for resale or coordination of reuse of College equipment and old furniture and is our Banner representative for the purchasing module. Reports to the Director of Facilities Services.
  • Buyer: Handles the day to day purchases for the College and Facilities Shared Use services. Buys and maintains stocks for faculty staff supplies, expedites orders, reviews vendors for performance and seeks out new sources. Evaluates and seeks best prices and bulk purchase opportunities. Responsible for purchase/receiving reconciliation and records keeping.

Mailroom & Receiving Operations:

This operation is responsible for all incoming and outgoing mail on campus, dock deliveries and receiving functions from suppliers, as well as operating the Faculty/Staff supply room. All mail is received in a single location then sorted and placed in appropriate mailboxes.

  • Mailroom/Receiving Manager: Provides oversight and supervision of both the mailroom and receiving operations. Hires, coordinates schedules and supervises student workers in the mailroom. Responsible for coordination of efforts between the mailroom and receiving operations and supervises receiving clerk.
  • Receiving Clerk: Is responsible for all receiving operations on the dock. Operates the Faculty/Staff supplies room, janitorial supplies and makes sure appropriate inventories are maintained. Delivers or coordinates delivery and pickups on the dock. Is primary back up to Mailroom/Receiving Manager.

Office Management:

This group supports all of Facilities Service functions with budget reports, bill processing, departmental accounting, as well as coordination and oversight of our office equipment, facilities management software and processing of work orders. They handle the bulk of the phone calls, vehicle scheduling, key control and provide data for analysis of operations.

  • Office Manager: Manages and provides accounting for distribution of all Shared Use expenses per approved distribution schedules. Coordinates department budget effort, assembles and presents budgets to Shared Use Committee. Reviews budget details monthly to assure expenses are charged to proper accounts. Prepares budget projections as needed and monitors monthly. Maintains and manages the deferred maintenance list and project list and accounts for spending of the Plant Fund. Manages our maintenance software program, develops reports and supervises the Office Specialist. Reports to the Director of Facilities Services.
  • Office Specialist: Responsible for daily operations of our maintenance software, opening and closing out work orders, input of maintenance hours to the proper work order, and providing monthly preventive maintenance work orders. Handles all reception efforts, answers phones, and dispatches fix and repair calls. Oversees fleet vehicle scheduling and coordinates usage between requests. Manages our key and lock program and processes work orders for lock changes and key requests.
  • Director of Facilities Services: Reporting to the College Vice President of Finance and Monastery Director of Temporalities, this position bears overall responsibility for the Facilities Service department. Specifically this position sets the goals, defines the priorities and assures that cross departmental communications are effective. Bears primary responsibility for all major construction and renovation efforts on campus and oversees contracted projects along with the Maintenance Manager. Develops and presents an annual report to the Board of Trustees Finance Committee, is a fixed member of the Resource Committee and is the Incident Commander for the Infrastructure Team for Disaster Recovery. In addition, this position is the College's management representative for collective bargaining and authority for action on grievances. Develops and oversees development of College policies and procedures as they relate to Facilities Services operations.