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Study Aboard Students in Ireland

The College of St. Scholastica is dedicated to helping students become responsible members of their communities; this extends to the global community. St. Scholastica has a tradition of study and service abroad that goes back more that thirty years to our first program in Ireland. Students at St. Scholastica are sure to find a study abroad or service learning program that meets their needs to personally and academically. 

St. Scholastica participates in federal and state financial aid programs to assist students with their study abroad educational expenses. Each study abroad program and student financial aid situation is unique and financial eligibility may vary. Contact OneStop Student Services to schedule an appointment to review your options.

It is the policy of the College of St. Scholastica that all otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities will be given equal educational opportunities in the classroom and other College-sponsored programs and activities, including study abroad programs. The College will ensure that no otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities will be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination in any college class, program, or activity (The College of St. Scholastica Student Handbook, 2013).  Any student who needs assistance in gaining equal access to CSS study abroad programs due to physical, psychological, or learning disability, as well as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, a visual or hearing impairment and/or chronic medical condition should request assistance through the Center for Equal Access. Contact the office at to set up an appointment or for more information.

CSS Faculty-led Programs

Winter Break

Earn 4 credits in MGT 3777 or HUM 2101 China Study Abroad. Students will experience Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macau, and Zhuhai.

Students will attend mini-courses at United International College (UIC), a private college located in Zhuhai. They will have presentations on Chinese economics, language, culture, and Whole Person Education (the UIC counterpart to General Education). The College's International Office organizes a series of local tours for the CSS group; at the end of the program, we will spend 4 days in Shanghai. UIC enrolls about 4,000 students; all courses are delivered in English.

Zhuhai is a city of 1.4 million people situated at the mouth of the Pearl River in South China. The UIC campus is a 15-minute bus ride from the city. Average January temperature is 60°F. All majors are welcome to participate. The program runs biennially. For more information, contact Rick Revoir or Thomas Zelman.

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Location Varies

The MBA Capstone Seminar Abroad equips students to successfully engage in cross-cultural business, integrate management theory and practice in a global setting, and provide leadership in a changing environment. A portion of the class experience is travel to international business sites to observe and participate in a variety of cross-cultural business settings. At the end of the field trip, students will complete an assessment of their readiness for cross-cultural business situations integrating their personal values and management style. Past Capstone Abroad experiences have included China, India, Brazil, the Ukraine and Argentina. Future trips are planned for France and Cuba.

For more information, contact Brandon Olson.

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Each spring semester, two faculty and up to 24 students travel to Louisburgh, County Mayo, where the faculty and students learn in a unique setting of cottages, peat fires and town folk in a very small village on the west coast of Ireland.

Classes are held four days a week, allowing time for weekend travel through most of Ireland. Courses change each spring semester depending on participating faculty.

Sophomore students through seniors are eligible for this program. The courses have no prerequisites but require an open mind and an adventuresome spirit, as well as the willingness to plan ahead to see which year will best fit a major.

The usual financial aid is available as well as additional loans and some grants.

Click here for more information on Ireland in the Spring, or contact Ryan Sandefer.

The Ireland in the Spring Program is not available to students in their first year of college.

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Study in London in May

The biennial program will focus on theatre, literature and history in England, immersing students in the environment that inspired the plays and literature they are studying. Students choose one of the following courses: CTA 3950: London Arts and Culture (2 cr.) or ENG 3950/HON 3950: London Arts and Culture (2 cr. with a required 2 cr. course in the Spring as well for a total of 4 cr.) While abroad, students will be able to visit such historical sites as Stonehenge, the Roman Baths and Abbey, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and more!

The program includes private airport transfers and in-country transportation to itinerary items, group welcome and farewell dinners, a proper British Tea and hot breakfast every morning. Also included is shared housing in centrally located hotels throughout the program, group excursions and entrance fees, and pre-departure organizational program materials.

There are scholarships and grants available as well as the potential for Financial Aid.

For more information, contact Merry Vaughan.

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Winter Break

This biennial winter break program in Casablanca, Morocco looks into the marketing practices of Cargill, a centuries-old company famous throughout Europe and the Middle East. Students will examine the relationship in the utilization of the application of contemporary marketing to the basic marketing function with ultra fragmented distribution channels in the Middle East. The premise of the research is to illustrate how the contemporary marketing fundamental principles can apply in an environment that still, until this modern day, utilizes the trading principles of the 18th century. Yet, at the same time, this environment functions with contemporary marketing concepts that we utilize in the West. For more information, contact Sabah Alwan.

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St. Scholastica students have an opportunity to travel and study in Russia by taking part in the summer language camps the College sponsors in cooperation with the Karelian State Pedagogical University in Petrozavodsk, Duluth's sister city in Russia.

Russian language camps are held in June and July. Language classes are taught at the beginning level through advanced-intermediate level by the faculty of the Karelian Pedagogical University. The camps include cultural and recreational activities as well as extended visits to St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The language camps are an integral part of St. Scholastica's Russian language program, but they are open to all students, including those with no previous Russian language experience. Students earn four credits that may be applied to the Cultural Diversity portion of the area distribution requirements.

In alternate summers, St. Scholastica faculty offer English language camps for students from Petrozavodsk. St. Scholastica students also are encouraged to participate in these camps as hosts to the College's guests from Russia. For more information, contact Karen Rosenflanz.

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Winter and Spring Break

Open to all majors, with respect to Catholic Social Teaching, students learn the consequences of immigration policy, border enforcement efforts and the reality of undocumented migration, apprehension, detention and deportation. For more information contact Marcia Runnberg.

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Participants in this service-based trip, which runs every other summer, go to the monasteries of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Agnes in rural southwestern Tanzania where they spend roughly two weeks working with the sisters in the schools, orphanages and medical dispensaries that they host. Other service projects may be available. Participants also collect a variety of medical and educational supplies to bring to Tanzania for these locations.

During the preceding spring semester, students enroll in the associated two-credit course to examine the concepts of culture, cultural competence and collaboration from an interdisciplinary lens while preparing for the trip to Tanzania. The course and trip explore issues of equity and justice through critical examination of personal and professional values in light of the Benedictine values which are also embraced by our hosts — the Benedictine Sisters of St. Agnes in Tanzania.

Before and after the two weeks at St. Agnes, the group has the opportunity to travel to several locations in Tanzania, including historical sites and a safari. For more information, contact David Schuettler.

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Every other summer a group of up to 20 students travels with faculty to Cuernavaca, Mexico. This service learning, social justice based program is designed to improve your Spanish, challenge your world view, immerse you in another culture, and open you to compassion for others. The program is worth 10 credits, consisting of courses in conversational Spanish, the history and culture of Mexico, plus a two week service-learning project in the community. 

The group stays at Quest Mexico, a live-in facility dedicated to teaching social justice from the point of view of the poor in Mexico. Quest Mexico arranges for speakers and activists on a variety of topics dealing with issues such as economic change, women's issues, poverty and grass-roots movements. Quest Mexico also organizes excursions to places of interest in and around Cuernavaca, including a weekend home-stay in a local village and a weekend in Mexico City. Quest Mexico also provides a safe, clean and secure residence, with all meals, located within bus distance from the city center.

You must be at least a sophomore and have completed at least one year of college-level Spanish or its equivalent to be eligible. A $200 deposit is required to show your intent to participate in the program and is NOT refundable after March 1.

For more information, contact David Schuettler or Martin Pflug. Further information on Quest Mexico can be found at and via the blogs from previous programs by clicking on the link below.

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Spring Break

This is a service-learning elective in which senior and post-baccalaureate nursing students, through intensive experience applying principles of civic engagement and nursing knowledge, gain understanding of cultural differences and similarities between people of different cultures. Students use their skills and knowledge to help bring solutions to community-identified problems. At other times, students will have an opportunity to visit local sites of interest. For more information, contact Candace Ginsberg.

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Winter Break

Transcultural Nursing in the Philippines is a senior level nursing course and is a section of the Capstone course (NSG 4437). The Philippines Capstone aims to develop cultural awareness and sensitivity through experiential learning, intercultural exchange, and collaboration with nursing students in the Philippines. Students utilize learned nursing theories and concepts in providing care and understanding of differences and similarities with other culture. Students participate in a three-week, in-country clinical experience that provides different perspectives and enhances sensitivity to the needs of patients with different cultural beliefs and traditions. Students earn clinical hours required for graduation. For more information contact Gina Diaz.

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Affiliated programs

Fall or Spring

HECUA is an organization of 18 liberal arts colleges, universities and associations dedicated to education for social justice. Together they shape academically rigorous study-abroad and off-campus study programs that address the most pressing issues in our neighborhoods, nations, and world. Through HECUA, CSS students have an opportunity to study abroad in Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Ecuador, Norway, and Bangladesh. HECUA also offers several domestic programs in the Twin Cities and the southern U.S. Interested students should contact David Schuettler.

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Fall or Spring

Northern Ireland Institutions offer a limited number of study places on the Irish American Scholars Program each year. The Irish American Scholars Program enables a limited number of American students to spend one or two semesters at a University or College in Northern Ireland. Students pay tuition to CSS and room & board to the school in Northern Ireland.
All majors are welcome, and students must have a minimum GPA of 3.2. Financial aid and scholarships apply to this program. Current sophomores and juniors may apply.

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Work, Intern and Volunteer Abroad

Web Resources

Funding a WIV Experience with No Financial Aid

  • Fundraising
  • "Sponsor Me for A Day"
  • Student Presentations
  • Contact Financial Aid to see if they can pay for part of the trip if you create a credit (i.e. research, internships, class)

Paid WIV Options:

  • Japanese English Teaching (JET) Program

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