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The College of St. Scholastica

Achieve Your Education Goals

Our team offers an array of services to help students become better learners. Even the most efficient students can benefit from our resources. We focus on student’s academic goals, teach skills and develop strategies to aid success. Whether a student needs extra support with the hope of improving grades or reassurance of mastery, we can assist any student.


Students are encouraged to supplement their learning with activities outside the classroom to support and enhance their education. Take the opportunity to talk with tutors about subjects or specific courses and how to complete them successfully.

Supplemental Instruction

Have you encountered challenging courses? You’re not alone. Participate in review sessions to improve your understanding of the course material. This support service is for committed and engaged students who want to improve their grades.

Collaborative Learning Groups

Collaborative Learning Groups (CLG) enhance students’ learning experience in a specific course through thoughtful discussion, practical engagement and thorough questioning of subject material in small peer study groups.

Supported by the course instructor, these groups are lead by faculty recommended, trained upper-class students who have completed the course. Students who participate learn the content material, become better prepared for exams, practice problem-solving techniques and gain confidence in the subject matter.

Academic Coaching

College is not just about making the grade but also about mastering the art of successful study habits. If you would like to improve your study and living habits, this is the place for you! Topics include note taking, concentration and distractions, memory, time management and organization, test taking and anxiety, critical reading skills and more. Contact us at or email Jessica Johnston at to schedule an appointment.

Students obtaining support in The Rose Frenzel Warner Writing and Critical Thinking Center at St. Scholastica.

The Rose Warner Writing and Critical Thinking Center

Our writing center is where all students can receive free, collaborative feedback on all forms of writing. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will help everyone to brainstorm, interpret, review and proof their projects.

Students may use the writing center as often as they like to obtain help on papers, resumes, earning scholarships or getting into graduate school. Students who use the Center become better writers and critical thinkers.

I just found out I got an A on my first paper that you helped me with … thanks again for the great advice!