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The College of St. Scholastica

Planning for Success

A faculty or professional advisor will assist you with planning your undergraduate or graduate academic career at St. Scholastica. Depending on your degree path, you will work with a professional academic advisor or a faculty advisor within the department you wish to study. Using a web-based degree-auditing and tracking tool, we help plan semester schedules and develop your path to graduation.

Entering College as a First-Year Undergraduate Student?

As a first-year, full-time student on our Duluth campus, you will work with a Dignitas instructor to introduce you to college and develop critical academic skills. After your first year, you will be assigned to a faculty academic advisor in your own program/major or work with one of our professional academic advisors. Professional advisors assist as a single point of reference for questions regarding academic advisement, registration processes and general degree planning.

Transferring to St. Scholastica?

When you transfer to St. Scholastica, you will work with a professional academic advisor to develop your plan. During your first semester, you will be transitioned to a faculty advisor in your major of interest and together work toward graduation.

Attending Online or Obtaining Your Graduate Degree?

Starting with orientation to the College, your academic advisor will help guide your education experience and plan a successful route toward degree completion at St. Scholastica. Students can connect with their advisor via telephone, email, Zoom or in person.

The Advisement team guided me in deciding which courses were right for my career goals.


Student Resources

Planning Classes

Undergraduate Advisement Manual

Undergraduate students can use the advisement manuals to see the four-year plan for their major. These documents show the courses by year and semester that are most beneficial to remain on track.

Dignitas Course Descriptions

Dignitas is a first-year student program that provides the foundation for your college experience. We introduce you to key elements unique to a St. Scholastica education. We’ll guide you through important questions that shape your learning, actions and purpose as a member of the College community. You’ll learn critical reading, thinking and writing academic skills. Faculty base their courses on the theme “Dignity for Self and Others” and a peer mentor will guide you throughout this year-long course.

Transfer Credits

At St. Scholastica, the ways to transfer in credits are as limitless as the number of credits you have to transfer. Visit our Incoming Credits and Course Information page to learn more. And, if you have questions, contact your admissions counselor or academic advisor for assistance.

Withdrawing from College

Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisors to plan how best to put their studies on hold. A student who chooses to withdraw from the College must realize that the withdrawal will remain on their permanent transcript. A student is legally registered until they file an official withdrawal or complete the course. Any student who withdraws from the College during the academic year must first contact their academic advisor with questions concerning their enrollment status. All other add/drop or withdrawal policies are located in the Course Catalog. For more information, contact