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Fast Facts: Photography Minor

  • Photography is communication. Photography is art. Students who revel in creative image-making and want to use the camera as an expressive tool would find value in the photography minor at St. Scholastica.
  • Program includes an independent study in photography, a project agreed upon by the student and instructor that results in a student exhibition.
  • Students have access to a state-of-the-art digital editing lab and traditional darkroom facilities to develop both black & white film and prints.
  • Emphasis is on photography aesthetics and the ability to distinguish major principles of composition across a variety of photographic applications.
  • Incorporates modern digital photography techniques including modern photographic manipulation software
  • A photography minor dovetails well with related majors in the communication field such as journalism, film studies, mediated communication and graphic or publication design.

Program requirements

Minor: 22 credits, including an independent study project 


The visual image is ubiquitous in American culture. One cannot venture far without seeing photographs used in news, entertainment, advertising, sports and other industries. Photography also has played a key role in shaping our collective memory of watershed events. Graduates with a minor in photography can choose to operate their own studios or use their skills in the advertising, public relations or journalism fields.

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