How to Report: Full List of Reporting Options

Victims/Survivors have multiple reporting options.

If you are unsure about reporting or the implications of the different lines of reporting, we recommend talking to a member of the GEVA Team who can clarify your options as well as provide information and support resources.

Victim/Survivors have multiple reporting options. 

Online Reporting Options

You may make a report utilizing the Online Report Form link. Additionally you may access such report form on the COR page under the Student, Staff, and Faculty tab in the SaintsStepIn box.

**Staff/Faculty have a requirement to report based on role (see For Staff/Faculty page for assistance in your reporting protocols)

Report to Title IX Coordinator and Deputies Directly

Title IX Coordinators and Deputies can additionally be reached at or (218) 625-4444

  • Kaelene Arvidson-Hicks, Title IX Coordinator,, (218) 625-4444, Tower 2613
  • Steve Lyons, Deputy Title IX, Vice President of Student Affairs,, (218) 723-6167, Tower 2145
  • Stacy Deadrick, Deputy Title IX, Athletics,, (218) 723-6299, Burns Wellness Center 258
  • Amy Grimm, Deputy Title IX, Extended Sites,, (651) 403-8627, St. Paul Room 112

Report to Dean of Students

Megan Perry-Spears, Dean of Students,, (218) 723-6029, Tower 2142

Report to Human Resources

Myron McCoo, Vice President of Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer,, (218) 723-6602, Tower 2101A

Report to Police or Campus Security

  • Dial 911 to call the police and begin the process of a police report. 
  • Dial (218) 723-6175 to reach CSS Campus Security. 

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