On Campus Housing

Live On Campus!

students sitting on somers porch talkingLiving on the St. Scholastica campus is a great way to meet new friends from different backgrounds and lifestyles, as well as connect the living and learning aspect of the collegiate life.  At CSS, we believe living on campus is so important and critical to a student's success, that we have a two-year residency requirement for all of our students.

We have a very strong Two-Year Residency Requirement (section D) at CSS.  Please familiarize yourself with this!

  • Somers Hall (Dorms) & Somers Suites: where all first year students live, as well as sophomores and above in single room environments.
  • Bricks & Back Apartments: includes Pine/Maple/Willow/Birch (Bricks) and Cedar/Scanlon/Kerst (Back).  Available for all non-first year students.

Looking for floor plans or photos of the buildings?  Please check the menu at the left and select the living area in which you want to view plans!

Housing Signup for 2016-17

You talked, we listened!  Lots of changes are happening for 2016-17.  Please read all about them online!

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