Violence Intervention & Prevention Program

Violence Intervention & Prevention Program

The goal of the Violence Intervention & Prevention (VIP) Program is to create a campus culture that is safe and equitable for all members. Through policies, programs, trainings, education, and support, we hope to create a culture that is free from violence and fear and promotes gender equity.

Violence Intervention and Prevention Program Logo

 The Violence Interveniton & Prevention Program is a 3-year grant funded project by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice dedicated to addressing the prevalence and impact of violence in our community. 

VIP Program works with and serves any member, regardless of identity or background, of the CSS campus community.

The information on this site is meant to aid students, faculty, and staff in getting a clearer picture of violence issues that relate directly to college students' lives. This site should be utilized as a tool to find support, information, events, resources, and a community that is working to create a space that is safe and equitable for all members.


Meet the Staff

Lexie Generous HeadshotThe VIP Program is staffed full time by Lexie Generous, the Violence Intervention & Prevention Program Coordinator. Lexie holds a Masters of Social Work, a Bachelor of Arts in Women & Gender Studies and Sociology, and is a licensed graduate social worker (LGSW).  She is a trained Sexual Violence Advocate (PAVSA & OutFront MN) and Title IX Coordinator (ATIXA). Lexie brings a wealth of experience working on the prevention and intervention of sexual and gender based violence throughout Duluth and institutions of higher education.