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The purpose of the pre-law program at St. Scholastica is to give each student the necessary skills and background information to gain entry to, and succeed in, the law school of his/her choice. Pre-law is not a major; there are no courses in "pre-law," as such. Rather, it is a program, which involves close student/faculty advisement and counseling.

A pre-law advisor will suggest recommended courses, keep the student advised about law school opportunities and the LSAT examinations, offer help in setting up an internship in an appropriate law-related environment, and encourage communication among pre-law students. 


Students in this program have gone on to pursue graduate study and law school at many fine institutions across the United States. In this region, many pre-law graduates have been placed in the University of Minnesota Law School, the University of North Dakota Law School, Hamline University Law School and the William Mitchell Law School.

Law is a versatile and rewarding career. Graduates completing law school may practice law as an attorney, or use a law education as a base for a career in government, business, education or a broad range of other public and private professions.

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