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Spotlight Arts and Lectures

Spotlight Arts and Lectures is about big ideas, finding our place in the world and celebrating art in all its forms. This year, speakers will explore global poverty and interreligious dialogue. Our concerts will feature local and national favorites, including a variety of performances from our own Music Department.

Buy tickets online or call the Spotlight Box Office at (218) 723-7000. Tickets are on sale now!

Garrison Keillor - The Gratitude Tour

Garrison Keillor performing

Thank you for your interest. Tickets to this event have sold out.

This April Garrison Keillor embarks on a road trip across the Land of 10,000 Lakes in celebration of Minnesota Public Radio's 50th Anniversary.

Mr. Keillor reports that he has:
"now reached a certain age when you realize how lucky you are and you stop complaining. Complaint is a mainstay of comedy, so he is now experimenting with a comedy of gratitude, talking about parents, teachers, lucky breaks, dumb things that turned out smart. This is his first experimental tour."

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