College hosts advocate for nuclear non-proliferation

St. Scholastica's Alworth Center for the Study of Peace and Justice will host Marion Küpker, a leading German peace activist and advocate for nuclear non-proliferation.

Free and open to the public, her talk will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 10 in the Burns Wellness Commons lecture hall (room 249).

Küpker is the international coordinator against nuclear weapons for the German Peace Society of United War Resisters. She will speak from a European and German perspective about the 180 U.S. B61 nuclear weapons (gravity bombs) still deployed in five European countries, including 20 in Germany, with respect to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and the new UN treaty banning nuclear weapons.

She is part of the nationwide "Büchel is Everywhere - Nuclear Weapon-Free Now!" Campaign Council, made up of 50 organizations and peace groups committed to the withdrawal of all 20 U.S. H-bombs in Germany; a halt to nuclear weapons modernization; and seeing Germany ratify the new United Nations Treaty Ban on nuclear weapons. She is Hamburg's international coordinator on nuclear weapons for the German Peace Society of United War Resisters, the country's oldest anti-war organization. Her focus is nonviolent direct action.

This event is sponsored locally by the St. Scholastica Alworth Center for Study of Peace and Justice; Nukewatch; the University of Minnesota Duluth Department of World Languages & Culture; and Veterans for Peace, Chapter 80.