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College to host two-day workshop featuring Saint John’s Bible

Participants viewing the Saint John’s Bible at a campus event this fall.

Participants viewing the Saint John’s Bible at a campus event this fall.

St. Scholastica will hold a two-day workshop in February that will give attendees a chance to learn about the Saint John's Bible and get hands-on experience with traditional bookmaking techniques.

St. Scholastica is hosting a Heritage Edition copy of the Saint John's Bible during the 2018-19 academic year. Commissioned by Saint John's University and the monks of Saint John's Abbey in 1998, the Saint John's Bible is the first handwritten Bible to be published in 500 years. It features 160 illustrations by six artists, and 1,150 handwritten pages written by six calligraphers.

The creation of the Bible in turn inspired the publication of the Heritage Edition, a full-size, museum quality reproduction of seven-volume collections to be shared with the world. In honor of the 125th anniversary of the founding of St. Scholastica Monastery by the Benedictine Sisters, the College hosted Volume 6 of the Heritage Edition, Gospels and Acts, during the first half of the academic year. During the spring semester, the College will host the Pentateuch volume, which features illuminated text from the first five books of the Old Testament.

St. Scholastica will host a workshop on Feb. 1 and 2, 2019, to give people a chance to learn more about the Saint John's Bible and the processes that were used in bookmaking centuries ago. On Friday, guest speaker Jim Triggs, executive director of the Heritage Program, will give a presentation entitled "Faith, Reason and The Saint John's Bible."

Saturday's activities will include a panel discussion, "From the Good Book to Facebook: Word & Image in a Media Rich World" featuring St. Scholastica faculty members Kim Kruger, M.D., director of the Physician Assistant program; Denise Starkey, Ph.D., associate professor of Theology and Religious Studies; and Zachary Via, Ph.D., assistant professor of

Saturday will also feature Art of the Book Activities for all ages, including calligraphy demonstrations and hands-on paper making, writing with quills, and more. The day will end with a Visio Divina led by Dr. Barbara Sutton, professor at Saint John's School of Theology & Seminary.

All events are free and open to the public; no registration is required. Lunch will be available at the Greenview Dining Room on campus for $9 per guest 13 and over, $4.50 for children between 7-12, and free for children 6 and under.

The Saint John's Bible is available for viewing daily in the St. Scholastica Library and will be featured at other public events throughout the year. For a schedule and details, including a link to view the workshop's activities online, visit