A cultural exchange

International Week

International Week

Students learn from one another during International Week

From March 17 to 22, students walking through the basement of Tower Hall only needed to look up to know what week it was. The hallway was filled with the flags of all the nations represented at CSS - a clear sign that International Week was upon us. 

Every year, the school's InterNational Club, in conjunction with the Office of International Programs, hosts a week-long series of events designed to raise awareness about the different talents and cultures present here on campus. These events include poster competitions, movie viewings, fashion shows, international food tastings, dance shows and black-tie socials.

"The goal of our club is to showcase the various cultures we have on campus - to have American students and international students interact with each other and share their cultures so everyone can learn more about different cultures," said Maria Salinas Romero, president of the club.

Judging from the turnout this year, International Week did just that. But if you missed it, don't worry. Next fall the InterNational Club will host their annual Culture Night — giving students yet another chance to learn from one another.