Senior Administration

Larry Goodwin

Larry Goodwin, President

Tower Hall Room 2107
(218) 723-6041

Larry Goodwin is the chief administrative officer of the College. He works with the Board of Trustees to build a shared vision for St. Scholastica's continued growth and excellence. With the presidential staff he plans and implements strategies for achieving the vision.

Eric Berg

Eric Berg, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Tower Hall Room 1105
(218) 723-6630

Eric Berg is responsible for enrollment management and for supervision of undergraduate, graduate, extended, and online admissions and financial aid. He works with institutional constituents to formulate and carry out an effective recruitment, enrollment and retention plan.

Beth Domholdt

Beth Domholdt, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Tower Hall Room 2113
(218) 723-6012

Beth Domholdt is responsible for leadership and coordination of the academic programs and activities of the College. She oversees faculty staffing, evaluation, professional development and personnel issues, and monitors the quality of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Susan Kerry

Susan Kerry, CFO/Vice President for Finance

Tower Hall Room 2105
(218) 723-6042

Sue Kerry is the chief financial officer of the College. She is responsible to the president for the overall direction of St. Scholastica's business and financial activities, including information technology and facilities management.

Xavier Knight

Xavier Knight, Chief Information Officer

Tower Hall Room 1624
(218) 723-5966

Xavier Knight is the Director of the Information Technologies Department. He leads the College in envisioning and developing a strategic technology plan. He designs, develops, and manages the technological infrastructure that supports the academic and administrative computing needs of the College.

John Labosky

John J. Labosky, Vice President for College Advancement

Tower Hall Room 1410
(218) 723-6460

John Labosky leads St. Scholastica's fundraising efforts in the areas of major gifts, annual giving, corporate relations, planned giving, and foundations and government relations. He is also responsible for alumni relations. He works with the College's benefactors to advance the College's mission and strategic goals.

Steve Lyons

Steve Lyons, Vice President for Student Affairs

Tower Hall Room 2145
(218) 723-6167

Steve Lyons is the chief student affairs officer of the College. He is responsible for creating an environment that promotes the personal and educational development of traditional, non-traditional and graduate students. This includes student advocacy to the decision-making bodies of the College.

Patricia Pratt-Cook

Patricia Pratt-Cook, Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer

Tower Hall Room 2101A
(218) 723-6602

Patricia Pratt-Cook is responsible for all aspects of the College's Human Resources functions including staffing, performance management, benefits administration, and compensation; and she provides integrated leadership and administrative oversight of all aspects of diversity, inclusion, educational access, and employment equity. Her primary objective is to assure that the College can hire and retain high-quality employees to fulfill its mission and strategy. She leads the staff training and development function and assures that the College's human resource practices remain legally compliant.

Don Wortham

Don Wortham, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Science Room 3212
(218) 403-8638

Don Wortham executes key external growth and internal efficiency initiatives based on the vision of the president and his staff. He has oversight of The College's marketing unit, its nine extended campus sites, its virtual campus, and its online course development functions.