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Purpose & Goals | Youth Theology Institute

Genesis, the first book of the Bible

Saint Benedict's Rule instructs, "listen...with the ear of your heart". Theology is about learning to listen to God's voice in scripture, nature and community. During the Institute, St. Scholastica theology professors, campus ministers, college student mentors, and community "Wisdom Figures" walk with you, offering a wealth of resources, as together we deepen our understandings of how God speaks.

Through participation in the Institute, you will:

  • Strengthen your faith, deepen your relationship with God and discern your call to discipleship
  • Develop skills for theological and scriptural exploration in the context of contemporary societal and personal challenges
  • Reflect on your individual gifts and callings in life — to leadership, ministry and service
  • Grow in your appreciation for the interconnected web of life and your responsibilities as stewards of creation
  • Collaborate with a diverse community of learners that fosters responsibility for personal, social and ethical action

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