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Four Year Pledge to Students

Our commitment to you

St. Scholastica pledges that new students who enter the College as first-year undergraduate students and follow these guidelines will graduate in four years.

We make this pledge because we are committed to quality education, we have confidence in our advisement program and availability of course offerings and we desire to keep the College affordable to all students.

Requirements of the St. Scholastica Four Year Pledge:

  1. Complete an average of 16 credits counting toward graduation each semester (32 credits a year). You may use credit earned during the summer to meet the 32-credit-per-year requirement.
  2. Maintain a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and you attain the required grade in all courses in your intended major
  3. Do not fail or withdraw from any course without making up the credits during this four-year period of time
  4. Are formally accepted into your chosen major no later than the spring semester of your sophomore year, follow the course sequence in the advisor's manual and maintain that major's required academic progression and skills requirements

If you meet these requirements and still do not complete your education in four years, St. Scholastica will offer you a grant (after federal and state financial aid have been credited to you) to cover tuition costs until the degree program is completed. A student exercising the pledge must apply for financial aid as he or she enters the fifth year.


  • If you are formally accepted into one major and change majors during the four-year period;
  • If you elect additional majors, minors, or certificates that extend the course of study. In addition, this pledge does not apply to students in the chemistry middle/secondary education major, as the dual science and education requirements often extend the degree beyond four years;
  • If you "stop out" for a semester due to personal, financial or other reasons; you are no longer covered by the pledge.

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