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As a college student at St. Scholastica, you get to take the lead in your own education and assume responsibility for your success. Use the links below to help you along the way and remember that your advisors and instructors are here to guide and support you as you proceed through your journey toward a degree.

Student Resource Links:

Academic Advising Roles

Your advisor's role is to:

  • Communicate the College's curriculum, requirements, policies and procedures
  • Encourage and guide students to define and develop realistic educational goals
  • Be available to answer questions
  • Match students' needs with available resources and make referrals
  • Monitor academic progress
  • Partner with students in developing schedules and course plans
  • Assist students with the application to graduate at least three terms before graduation
  • Use CSS student email accounts as the official means of communication and information exchange

Your role in the learning process is to:

  • Become knowledgeable about College programs, policies, and procedures
  • Communicate with your advisor to review your academic plan and degree program requirements
  • Contact your advisor as soon as you have questions or concerns
  • Register online for each semester (both term 1 & term 2) via Banner Web during web registration [Failure to register for the entire semester at once may affect financial aid awards and course offerings]
  • Follow through on advisor recommendations and accept ultimate responsibility for course plan decisions
  • Be aware of your rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Participate in classes and complete all required coursework. If you are unable to attend a class and/or complete the required coursework, please notify your instructor.
  • Check your CSS email account regularly
  • Respond to requests from CSS staff and faculty in a timely manner (filling out surveys, handing in financial aid paperwork, etc.)
  • Contact Financial Aid at (800) 447-5444 if you change your credit load or if you take a leave of absence
  • Contact your advisor if you add or drop a class, take a leave of absence, or decide to take classes in another format (in person vs. online) or at another campus location
  • Make sure that you have your textbooks before the start of classes
  • Complete the Student Satisfaction Survey at the end of each course. Your feedback helps us to improve our programs.