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Using LinkedIn

Did you know that 94% of recruiters say they Google candidates early on in the application process.

Hiring managers are looking at your social media profiles to identify if you'll fit in with the corporate culture, your skills and qualifications, and to see if you're creative and what you're like.

Tools to Create an Effective LinkedIn profile

  1. Sign up for a LinkedIn account and spend some time familiarizing yourself with the site.
  2. Join the HireSAINTS LinkedIn Group and add Mary Anderson, Andrea Chartier, and/or Carrie Taylor Kemp as connections.
  3. Look at a LinkedIn Profile example in our Job Search Handbook or search for LinkedIn profiles in your field on Google Images.
  4. Begin by reviewing step-by-step instructions on the LinkedIn Profile Checklist.
  5. Visit our student Job Skills Assistant drop in hours or by appointment.
  6. Make an appointment in Career Services for a LinkedIn profile review, call 218-723-6039 or email
  7. Update often.
  8. Utilize these additional LinkedIn resources:

Get Help on your LinkedIn Profile

It is crucial that you manage your personal brand and optimize your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles to boost your chances of securing internships and employment.

LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn's Profile Checklist and LinkedIn Advanced Checklist to create a professional and engaging profile

            LinkedIn logo for Students

Facebook: Clean up your profile, connect, interact

Twitter: Create a "business card-like" profile, share, comment and network

Additional tips for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles in the Job Search Handbook

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Joshua Waldman

"Today, more and more employers are using Google to evaluate job candidates. You are no longer evaluated purely on your resume and a few references. Your Google results are your references and your resume is now a profile."

– Joshua Waldman, Author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies