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Preparing for Job Fairs

Job fairs can be an excellent tool to use as part of your job/internship search. The best feature of a job fair is that it provides the chance for you to make contact with dozens of employers in a few hours.  Remember that this is not only an opportunity for you to sell yourself, but it is a chance for you to screen potential employers.  Following are tips to help you succeed at a job fair.

Plan to attend upcoming career fairs relevant to you 

Tools to help you prepare for Job Fairs

General preparation

  1. Review Fair details and register
  2. Prepare your professional attire and practice wearing it ahead of time.
  3. Identify employers that will be attending. Research those organizations that interest you.
  4. Some employers allow for pre-select interviews - contact those that interest you.

Preparing your documents

  1. Have your resume critiqued by the job skills assistant or a career counselor. Be sure to leave time to make edits.
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Practice your one-minute introduction/elevator pitch.
  4. Quick interview tips
  5. Questions for employer

Making the most of the Fair

  1. Arrive early to network when employers are fresh.
  2. Check in at CSS registration table to pick up your name tag and final fair details.
  3. Develop a list of 10-15 organizations you want to make sure to visit.
  4. A positive and open attitude are critical.
  5. Check for special events and presentations.
  6. Follow-up with employers that interest you via email or hand written thank-you note within two weeks.

Utilize these additional resources