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Conducting Informational Interviews

Did you know informational interviews allow you to gather information, increase your knowledge of occupations, and build a network of contacts in a low stress environment. An important part of the career exploration process is gaining information on the world of work. One excellent way to increase knowledge of the field is by conducting informational interviews with people who are currently working in professions you are considering.  

Tools for an effective informational interview

  1. Meet with friends, family, relatives, members of the community, previous employers, or colleagues for informational Interviews.  Career Services can assist you in finding suitable people and make an introduction when necessary.
  2. Contact the individual and introduce yourself (name, major, academic year).  Explain how or from who you received their name.  Ask if they would be available to meet and share information about their position and the field in which they work.
  3. Agree on a time and place to meet (30-60 minutes is reasonable).
  4. Prepare by
    • Research the occupation
    • Research the organization for which the person works
    • Write a list of questions you would like to ask
    • Prepare and bring a resume
    • Dress appropriately in professional attire
    • Be prepared to answer questions about yourself (major, interests, and activities)
    • Be on time, courteous, and professional
  5. Follow-up with a handwritten thank-you note

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