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Locating Internship and Experiential Learning Opportunities

At St. Scholastica, we understand the college experience is more than just what happens in the classroom. It's everything that goes into preparing you for a life of purpose and meaningful work.

Over 70 percent of St. Scholastica students complete at least one experiential learning opportunity, which includes internships, field experiences, clinicals and research.  

The benefits of experiential learning make it a priority for your education.

  • Gain relevant and valuable work experience
  • Add industry-specific and transferable skills to your resume
  • Make new professional contacts/network
  • Evaluate industries/positions for future full-time employment
  • Give back to your community

How will you incorporate experiential learning in your education?

Internship Information

Volunteer Opportunities

Research Opportunities

"As a student, I completed a diverse array of internships, each of which related to my field in its own way; in turn, I gained priceless knowledge about the real world in corporate, non-profit, and small businesses...delve into several internship opportunities, as you will gain excellent insight for future endeavors."

– John McPherson, '14