Supplemental Instruction

What is it?

A series of review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. Supplemental instruction is for all students who want to improve their understanding of course material and grades. 

What it is NOT:

Supplemental instruction is NOT remedial. It is for students who are committed to improving their grade, specifically students who want to raise their grade from a B to A or D to C. SI is not for students who are not committed and/or engaged in the course, and it is not meant as a way to "catch up" on course content and assignments.

Who can participate?

SI is offered to all students interested in additional instruction on the course material. Students work together to understand topics and answer each other's questions.

Check here for the most current schedule.

Contact Us

Center for Academic Success

Tutoring Center
Tower, Room 2129

Jessica Johnston, Coordinator
Academic Advisor, Coordinator of Center for Academic Success and Study Skill Development
(218) 723-6645

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