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Handbook for Clubs and Organizations

The Student Activities Office has lots of information and support for student leaders and advisors of clubs and organizations. 

Club Event Guidance during COVID Times

Event Guidelines

  • Events can happen in person or virtually
  • You must adhere to the room capacities. These can be found when booking an event in EMS, our campus room reservation system. 
  • If you have security or set up needs, you have to complete a COVID safety plan at a minimum one week before your event. If you are just reserving a room, you do not have to do this.

Groves Lawn Firepit 

Want to reserve the firepit? Review the Fire Pit Guidelines and then email Ramona Tran from ResLife at with the following info: 

  • Date of request
  • Time of request
  • Group/Club/Department
  • Name of the responsible party who will be there the entire time (from fire start to extinguishing of the fire)
  • Cell number of responsible party

Watch for an email that confirms that the date/time you have requested works and has the details of responsibility for fire safety and procedures for using the firepit.

Events Calendar and Advertising

Student Activities will no longer be using the Trumba calendar as used in past years. Please add all events to the Saintlife Google Calendar. To do that, follow these steps:

Step 1: Add the event to your personal Google calendar . Please make sure the location/zoom link and all of the details are available in the description.
Step 2: Add as a guest to your event
Step 3: Save!

Posters for Your Event

If you have a poster for your event, SaintsLife and Kaitie Selleck can add it to the screens on the main campus as well as the SaintsLife Goes Virtual site. Please email with a JPEG or PNG file.

Not sure how to use Google Calendar?

Go to your Google Calendar ( or click the waffle icon in the top-right of your email/Drive and choose Calendar)

  • Log into the Google Calendar with your CSS credentials
  • On the left side of the calendar window, click the + sign next to "Other Calendars"
  • Click Subscribe to Calendar
  • Type into the box to select the calendar
  • On the new page that appears, you can add notifications under Event Notifications. Click Add Notification and choose how soon before events you want to be notified. Changes will be automatically saved.
  • Click the back arrow in the top-left of the settings window to return to the main calendar view.
  • You can also change the color of these calendar events by hovering over the calendar name (in the list on the left) and clicking the three vertical dots. A color picker will appear and you can choose any color listed. Doing so will change all the events associated with that calendar to the selected color.
  • All done! Welcome to Saints Life!

56 Nights

56 Nights are still happening this year, but with much more flexibility. We are requiring one 56 Nights event per club for the whole year. SaintsLife/Student Activities is asking that these events are from 9pm to 11pm or 12am and are hosted in either Storms Den, on-campus outside, or the BWC (with special permission). You will get $150 to do this event.

Choose and date and sign up for your club to plan and host 56 Nights here.

Spring Budgets/ Money for Spring

Spring Budgeting information will go out in November. Keep your eyes open for more info on that later.  Questions can to to CSS Senate at

Club Contacts

Make sure your club contacts are up to date.  Email Kaitie Selleck with any changes in leadership or advisor. 

Port Hours in the Student Union

We are here for your club needs! We have lots of supplies for Student Clubs as well as pcards!

Mondays  10:30-1:00 and 5:00-9:00

Tuesdays  10:00-2:00 and 5:00-9:00

Wednesdays   10:30-2:00 and  5:00-9:00

Thursdays  10:00-2:00 and 5:00-9:00

Fridays  10:30-3:00

The material below this line if from Pre-Covid times. 

Planning an Event (Programs, Dances, Movies, Food, Advertising, Tabling and Fundraising)

  • 56 NIGHTS Planning Cheat Sheet (pdf)
  • Student climbing up the climbing wallEvent Planning Cheat Sheet (pdf)
  • Advertising a Successful Campus Event
  • Dances
  • Movies
  • Food and Saints Dining
  • Vehicles: Using a CSS car or minivan
  • Fundraising

Finances of a Club/Org:  

  • Budgets, Requests from Senate
  • Un-budgeted Requests
  • Reimbursements
  • Budget Forms
  • P-Cards
  • Cash advances

CSS Student Senate Website

Responsibilities of an Advisor