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Welcome to Student Government Association

Group photo of the Student Senate leaders

Within this website, you will find access to viewing your student representatives, our Senate Constitution, Financial Handbook, Dress Code, Senate Schedule, and our Meeting Minutes.

Our mission, as a Student Senate, is to represent you as well as to facilitate and advocate for the effective training of student leaders. As student representatives, we serve to get your voices heard and we act as liaison's to the College's faculty, staff, and administration.

Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more about the Senate or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Warm Regards,
Student Government Association Executives

Meet the Senators!

Contact us with questions, concerns, ideas, and feedback!

Portrait of Austin	Armon
Austin Armon

Portrait of Elena	Bissonette
Elena Bissonette
Board of Trustees Student Rep.

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Alexa Carter
Communications Director

Portrait of Ellie Chaouch
Ellie Chaouch
Financial Vice-President

Portrait of Arina Grossman
Arina Grossman
Chief of Staff

Portrait of Ari Kilgore
Arianna Kilgore
Diversity Vice-President

Portrait of Tyler Russell
Tyler Russell
Webmaster & Professional Clothing Closet Manager

Blank photo placeholder
Sebrin Ahmed
General Senator

Portrait of Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Anderson
General Senator

Blank photo placeholder
Jehmu Coleman
General Senator

Blank photo placeholder
Victor Guaman
General Senator

Portrait of Lori Huseby
Lori Huseby
Internal Affairs Chair

Blank photo placeholder
Ying Moua
General Senator

Portrait of Claudina Williams
Claudina Williams
General Senator

Portrait of Eric DeLaVergne
Eric DeLaVergne
General Senator

Blank photo placeholder
Emily Knoer
General Senator

Blank photo placeholder
Katrina Lund
External Affairs Chair

Portrait of Taylor O'Brien
Taylor O'Brien
General Senator

Portrait of Brock Ronnebaum
Brock Ronnebaum
General Senator

Portrait of Hunter Skluzacek
Hunter Skluzacek
Student Affairs Chair

Portrait of Jaci Tourtellot
Jaci Tourtellot
General Senator

Portrait of Israel Glenn
Israel Glenn
General Senator

Portrait of Annika	Kovar
Annika Kovar
General Senator

Portrait of Logan Thoreson
Logan Thoreson
Academic Affairs Chair

Portrait of Darby Vassar
Darby Vassar
General Senator

Blank photo placeholder
Abigayl Anderson-Tryon
General Senator

Blank photo placeholder
Evan Storbakken
Somers Hall Representative

Blank photo placeholder
Lily Holtz
Apartments Representative

Contact Us

For questions, comments or concerns, contact the Senate Office at (218) 723-6115 or email

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Senate Meetings

Sundays at 8 p.m. via Zoom

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Clubs and Organizations Handbook — Including how to plan and market an event!