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Student summer housing

Living on campus during the summer provides students convenient access to summer classes, academic support services and Student Health Service. Students who choose to live on campus during the summer will live in the apartments and have access to all amenities.

Length of stay, roommate options and pricing

Summer housing allows students the flexibility to stay on campus for a portion of the summer or the entire season. 

Full summer

Depending on your circumstances, we have a couple of options available for your full-length summer stay.

  • May 14: Summer housing begins for students already living on campus 
  • Week of May 17: Summer housing begins for students living off campus
  • Aug. 8: Summer housing ends if no fall housing
  • Week of August 9: If you have fall housing, move to fall placement (stay an additional month at no charge)

Roommate options and pricing

Whether you prefer to have a roommate or space to yourself, we have housing that will fit your needs.

  • Option 1: $40/day ($3,360 total cost) – no roommates (entire apartment to yourself)
  • Option 2: $20/day ($1,680 total cost) – 1-2 roommates (bedroom to yourself)
  • Option 3: $10/day ($840 total cost) – up to 3 roommates (single bed, sharing a bedroom)

Short term

Prefer to stay only part of the summer? We have options available for you as well. 

  • June 1 lease start: Stay on campus (May 14-June 1, 2021) until you move into your off-campus housing. Daily rate is $15/day or a total of $360.
  • Flexible move-in date: This is a great option for students that are looking for short-term housing (month minimum) over the summer. Select your roommate preference to determine the daily cost.
    • Option 1: $60/day – no roommates (entire apartment to yourself)
    • Option 2: $30/day – up to 2 roommates (bedroom to yourself)
    • Option 3: $15/day – up to 3 roommates (single bed, sharing a bedroom)

Application, fees and cancellations

Make sure to reserve your space early to guarantee your summer housing arrangements.

  • April 1: Applications live 
    • Log into my.CSS and in the search field type in "housing applications"
    • From the drop down menu click on housing applications.
    • Click on "Complete a Housing Application" and read the information on that page
    • Click on the "Housing Information Page" 
    • Select and complete the summer housing application
  • May 1: Submit your application by this date to guarantee your summer housing space
  • May 6: Cancellation deadline (no charge)
  • After May 6: Cancellations after this date will be charged a $300 cancellation fee
  • Week of May 10: Students notified about their summer housing placement

Students staying on campus will also have access to the Student Health Service. Those students staying one month or longer will be charged a one-time $50 Student Health Services fee (added to your account). 


Students have one week at the beginning and end of the summer months to transition from the spring-to-summer and summer-to-fall spaces. In an effort to make this process as seamless as possible, we will try to limit the number of moves when assigning housing placements. Therefore if your spring housing placement is in a summer housing space we’ll try to leave you there if we can, or if your fall housing space is in a summer housing space, we’ll try to place you there.

Housing transitions:

  • Spring: At the end of the spring term, students can move into their summer residence, generally the week after finals end
  • End of Summer: Typically the second week of August students with full summer housing contracts and a fall on campus placement may move into their fall spaces. If you do not have a housing contract and placement for the academic year you will be required to move off-campus.