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Summer Program

The Summer Program is a six week long college preparatory program spent living on the campus of CSS; students return home on the weekends. During the final week of the program, participants take an immersion trip provided by UB free of charge as a reward for all of your hard work during the summer.

During those five weeks, approximately 55 Upward Bound and 35 Upward Bound Math and Science students in grades 9-11 live on The College of St. Scholastica campus to participate in a college simulated experience, taking classes in science, math, research, English, and a foreign language.

All students will study science (which may include biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, geology, and computers), math, and science writing. Students conduct a hands-on research project working in groups with professional scientists. Students take field trips to local and regional science facilities. 

Although students may take different classes during the day, all participants live in Somers Hall and are supervised by the UB & UBMS  full-time staff as well as a residential staff. All students are assigned one or more roommates, eat in the Greenview Dining Room, and live like a college student. Students are provided a student handbook which clearly outlines the program's rules and expectations. All rules are strictly enforced by the staff.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in nightly activities such as Humans vs. Zombies, Wacky Olympics, and intramurals.

The 2020 Summer Session will be held June 7 - July 17.