Ethical Leadership

Business Ethics

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  • Course starts Feb. 12 and must be completed by May 7.

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to ethical decision making and ethical leadership. The course examines a variety of ethical issues that employees and organizations face. You will explore ethical theories, ethical decision making models, role of governmental policies and corporate governance. You will learn about practices that help encourage ethical behavior in organizations.

  • The course provides an introduction to ethical decision making and ethical leadership
  • Each chapter reading is accompanied by a narrated PowerPoint presentation.
  • Required Textbook: You need to buy or rent the following textbook:  Ghillyer, Andrew (2017). Business Ethics Now — 5th Edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Companies. (ISBN 9781259535437).
  • All coursework must be completed by May 7, 2019.
  • A certificate of completion is awarded to students who successfully complete the course with 70% of total test points.
  • Earn 12 free CEUS from AHIMA and/or 12 CPUs from CHIMA. You'll receive a certificate of completion via email, upon completion.

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The certificate of completion can be added to a resume and/or LinkedIn profile.

About the course author

Thomas Buck, PhD, MBA is a member of St. Scholastica's Department of Computer Information Systems. With a PhD specializing in Educational Psychology and Applied Information Systems. his research work is three-fold, (i) STEAM curriculum development through applied technologies; (ii) web-based assessment tools and educational game design; and, (iii) information systems, e-commerce and cultural entrepreneurship. 

CCJ LogoA special thanks to the C. Charles Jackson Foundation for providing funding for this course.


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