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Curriculum | M.S. Applied Data Analytics

The Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics is designed for current professionals working with data or someone interested in getting into the data analytics field. The program provides an in-depth study in analytics with the added advantage of applying the skills and knowledge to your field of interest. Students apply modern technologies and methods to study data from any industry to discover new insights and apply these insights into actionable decisions.


The M.S. in Applied Data Analytics curriculum consists of 10 three-credit classes and a seven-credit capstone experience emphasizing data analytics methods and tools and the ethical application of data analytics for action-oriented decision making.

Program outcomes

Upon completion of the applied data analytics program at The College of St. Scholastica, the graduate will be able to:

  • Evaluate business challenges and formulate questions leading to solutions
  • Identify data needs to answer business questions
  • Apply modern techniques to retrieve and prepare data for analysis
  • Select and apply proper tools and analytical models
  • Communicate results as action-oriented and meaningful
  • Integrate ethical considerations in data collection and reporting

Cohort model

Students progress through the courses as a cohort beginning with the fundamental core courses and continue through the advanced courses as they conclude with a capstone project. The sequencing of the courses is important since mastery of the topics in the fundamental courses are required for proper application in the advanced courses. As a result, students must progress through the fundamental courses before proceeding on to the more advanced courses.

Format, start dates and program length

Each course is delivered in an online format as an eight-week class and taught by instructors possessing advanced degrees and experience in the data analytics profession.

Students may begin the program in the fall or spring semesters and are able, and encouraged, to enroll in two courses for each semester. Completion of two courses a semester enables the student to complete the program in about two years.

Course sequence

The curriculum includes several courses requiring prerequisite constraints. As a result, the sequence students complete courses in the curriculum is important.

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