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Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery - Standard Operating Procedures

This guide contains generally recommended emergency responses.

  • Actually emergency responses must address the uniqueness of each situation.
  • The recommendations presented in this booklet may not be appropriate in every circumstance.
  • Use caution, common sense, and good judgment in approaching any situation.
  • If under the circumstances the recommendations found in this guide might reasonably lead to injury or damage, do not use them.

Students, faculty and staff of College of St. Scholastica should make themselves familiar with the information and procedures outlined in this guide. Please refer to the College's programs and policies for detailed information.

Campus Security (218) 723-6175 • Extension x6175 • Emergency Please Dial 9-1-1


In case of...


Bomb Threat

Civil Disturbance or Demonstration

Elevator Emergency

Fire Emergencies

Hazardous Material Release Inside A Building

Medical Emergencies


Severe Weather

Active Shooter

Suspicious Mail & Delivery Packages

Suspicious Person/Criminal Activity

Utility Failure

Water Damage and Flooding


Useful Resources

Guidelines for identifying and handling suspicious mail packages on campus

Live Weather Report

Emergency Response Team Login Graphic