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Graduation Processes

Apply to Graduate

All students planning to graduate must complete an application to graduate. The deadline to apply in order for a graduate's name to be included in the Commencement Program is as shown in the application availability section below. There are no exceptions to the deadline for the Commencement Program.

Be advised that the student is responsible for the accurate representation of their name and diploma mailing address. The Registrar's Office will not alter the information provided on the original Application to Graduate without direct contact by the student. It is imperative that the student communicate directly with the Registrar's Office regarding any needed changes. Contact

Application Instructions

Follow these steps to Apply to Graduate (Note. You must complete an application for each degree or certificate)

  1. Log in to
  2. Under the Search my.CSS bar on the left-hand side of the screen, type in “Graduation Application”
  3. A new webpage will open, please review this tab for application information.
  4. Click on the Application to Graduate link.
  5. Review the step-by-step instructions and complete the application to graduate
  6. Carefully review and Submit your application

During the application process, you will indicate if you are going to participate in the ceremony. If you want to shift your participation to a different ceremony, you should select the "undecided" radio button and follow up by contacting

All questions related to the Application to Graduate should be directed to the Registrar's Office,

Deadlines and Application Availability

Fall 2021 Graduation

Application Availability: December 19, 2020 - November 5, 2021. 
Deadline to Apply:
 For advisement purposes, traditional undergraduates should apply by February 1, 2021. Graduate, Extended, and Online students should apply by September 30, 2021.

To apply after the listed deadline, you must contact

Spring 2021 Ceremony

Application Availability: May 11, 2020 - April 2, 2021.
Deadline to Apply: For advisement purposes, traditional undergraduates should apply by September 30, 2020.  Graduate, Extended, and Online students should apply by February 1, 2021.

We will accept late applications; however, the graduate's name will not appear in the Commencement Program for any application submitted after the above listed dates for "Application Availability".  No exceptions.

To apply after the listed deadline, you must contact

What to Expect

Watch for email from  The email will contain important information specific to your diploma, commencement program listings, and Latin Honors should you qualify.  Respond to emails accordingly.

Watch for email from MarchingOrder requesting additional rsvp details surrounding commencement day activities.  Only students who have already applied to graduate will receive MarchingOrder notices. 

Commencement Program: Listing of Graduates

Once the commencement program for an upcoming ceremony goes to press, you can view it here.  Students are given multiple opportunities to view how their name will display on the commencement program.  Once published to this page, no changes can be made as the version published here has already gone to press. 

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