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Internal Communications

Changes to Internal Communication Processes

If you are reading this article, you are well on your way to supporting good internal communication within the CSS community.  However, please read on to get all the details about our new internal communication process  and be sure to share this information with your colleagues who might be less Cor savvy!

Recap of internal communication changes 

Access to Faculty, Staff and Student Group - the emails that go directly to each community member inbox -  has been reserved for the Office of the President, President's Staff and emergency/crisis personnel to send urgent messages that apply to faculty, staff or students at all CSS college campuses.

Faculty/Staff Bulletin and Student Bulletin (the daily digest of CSS-oriented announcements) have moved into Cor,

the College's community portal.  

For the time being Faculty/Staff and Student Community (the daily digest of personal- and community-oriented announcements) will remain in Gmail for now, however, Community email will also move into Cor at a later date.

The goal of these changes is create a new internal communication process that respects the amount and types of email message ALL members of our community want and need and utilize the power of Cor as our internal community communication engine.

How to submit internal community announcements, news and events

A new internal communication submission page has been created to help you
determine the best way to promote your event, news or announcement and
submit it on the spot.

To use the new submission page go to

Note: there will also be direct links within Cor and on to access
the submission page.

The page currently offers four options:

1. Targeted Announcement (CSS Need to Know)

  • Use form this to submit your CSS "need to know" message to a targeted group of students, faculty or staff in Duluth, St. Cloud,  Brainerd, Twin Cities and/or online.
  • The submission's target audience will be reviewed, not the message, and posted.
  • Extra benefit - your message can be posted for multiple days without having to resubmit.

2. Events

  • Use this form to submit your CSS sanctioned event to the CSS Web calendar
  • Submission will be reviewed for completeness and posted

3.  Community (CSS and Community-at-large Nice to Know)

  • Use form this to submit "nice to know" messages about CSS or non-CSS events or information.
  • Submissions will not be reviewed, posting is direct.

4.  News Feature

  • Use form this to submit your suggestions or recommendation for news stories
  • Submission will be reviewed by a content generation committee.

How to view internal community announcements, news and events

1. Targeted "Need to Know" Announcement will appear in Cor in the Upper
left column under the Announcements headline

2.  Events will appear in calendar located in the right column of the Cor Welcome page, the master Web calendar and various pages throughout

3. Community "Nice to Know" Announcements will remain in Gmail until the Community section  in Cor is released.

4.  News Features may appear in the Welcome Section of Cor, social media, various pages within or be pitched to local or national media.

Technical notes and how to send feedback

As technology evolves so does our internal communication processes. We are  working on new features in Cor that will support and enhance internal communication among our community. We are also working on features that will enhance internal communication access via mobile devices.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact:

Bob Ashenmacher at