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Center for Instructional Design

Welcome to the Center for Instructional Design (CID)

Simply put, the Center for Instructional Design (CID) is here to explore new technologies and expand the frontiers of teaching excellence to match the students of today and the future. Look to CID for innovative ways to teach, experimental classroom experience, and explorations of the best combinations of teaching and Technology.

The CID team works to help strengthen teaching and learning. We work to blend best practices and academic technology. By doing this we hope to further engage students, increase retention, and build quality courses.

Science 1206 Classroom with Individuals

We're interested in a Pedagogy-First use of technology. 

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When we work together, we can achieve incredible results.

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What are we doing next?

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Our Technology is Student-Focused.

CSS Student Technology Fee Proposal Guidelines

An Update from the Academic Technology Steering Committee

The Academic Technology Steering Committee includes members from each School, GEO, the Center for Instructional Design and the Student Senate. We each provide a voice in shared priority setting for online, blended and traditional learning at CSS.

Our mission includes:

  • Selection, deployment and adoption of academic technologies, including new initiatives
  • Teaching support and training for technology-enhanced instruction 
  • Centralized coordination that balances standardization and efficiency with flexibility for emerging, decentralized academic needs
  • Communication channel between Academic Technology and CSS academic community 

So far this year, we've worked to develop experimental classrooms (Learning Labs), improvements in faculty training and access to technology, and a variety of initiatives to improve the overall academic technology experience across all the campuses and schools. Please feel free to reach out to your representative listed below if you have ideas, suggestions, or comments!


Craig Bridges, GEO - Donna Kirk, Sciences - Doreene Etongue-Mayer, Education - Mary Ann Marchel, Health Sciences - Tom Buck, Business & Technology - Will Richardson, Student Senate - Paul LaJeunesse, Arts & Letters - Shelly Barlass, Nursing - Amy Nelson, CID - Eric Mistry, IT - Jane Sims, CID